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‘Friendship Breakups Really Hit Different’: ‘M2M’ Stars Simone Whitmore and Heavenly Kimes Make Amends, Talk Possibly Reconciling with Dr. Jackie

Dr. Simone Whitmore and Dr. Heavenly Kimes made amends during the Sunday, March 14, episode of “Married to Medicine” following their long feud. The ladies initially met at Kimes’ residence last year to discuss where their friendship went wrong. 

Whitmore revealed while arriving at Kimes’ home that she wanted to tackle her issues with the dentist first because she felt that they could “move forward” with their relationship. As the “M2M” stars chatted, Kimes asked why their friendship went awry. She said, “Where did we go wrong?”

Dr. Heavenly Kimes (left) and Dr. Simone Whitmore (right). (Photo: @dr_heavenly/Instagram, @drswhit/Instagram

Whitmore responded the main root of their problems occurred after Kimes suggested on Twitter that the “M2M” star’s marital problems with her husband, Cecil Whitmore, were because he was apparently jobless

“I think the tweets started and just went all downhill.”

The “Heaven Help Us” host said the tweets about Cecil were a reaction to the OBGYN’s stance during Kimes and former “M2M” co-star Mariah Huq’s verbal altercation about her husband Dr. Damon Kimes’ alleged extramarital affairs in 2018.  

“When Mariah said she had receipts from my husband. I felt like you jumped to her side, and it was almost like you took joy. So maybe I was feeling some kind of way before that. And I thought a lot of those tweets were you.”

Whitmore expressed that the situation was clearly a misunderstanding because of pent-up emotions. “I can wholeheartedly appreciate where you are coming from, and I can see how you would feel that way. Oftentimes, and I have found this in my relationship with Jackie as well, things are being said out in social media. Eventually, negative feelings well up accumulate and they spill out in ways that are hurtful.”

Following the acknowledgment, Kimes said she would consciously watch what she says on social media because of how negatively it affected Whitmore. “I’m gonna be very careful about my tweets and the things that I say and I own that part. I never meant to hurt you and that’s from the bottom of my heart. I apologize and I do have to be more of my words.”

She added, “I get it I hurt Simone’s feelings, and I feel bad about it. Simone is not only a friend. She’s a Black woman a very successful, educated Black woman and it’s very important for us to uplift each other.”

After their resolution, Whitmore shifted gears by asking Kimes about how her estranged friend Dr. Jackie Walters was doing. She responded that Walters was “really good,” and offered some advice to the regarding their relationship.

ATLANTA, GA – OCTOBER 13: Executive Director Dr. Jackie Walters and Dr. Simone Whitmore attend the 6th Annual 50 Shades of Pink Gala at Atlanta City Hall on October 13, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

Kimes said that while Whitmore denies claims that there is any animosity between the two women. “I don’t know who’s mad at who, I don’t think she mad at you. Well, y’all not speaking. We got to get the golden girls back. You gonna have to call Jackie.”

Simone tearfully replied, “My relationship with Jackie is at rock bottom. I have nothing to lose by being honest. Absolutely zero to lose by being honest with her.”

The scene concluded with the women forgiving one another and retreating to Heavenly’s house after her dog apparently appeared to have consumed a dead squirrel.

Regardless of Kimes and Whitmore’s reconciliation, fans expressed that they are anticipating seeing Whitmore and Walters mend their estranged relationship, because it is taking a toll on both women.

“The way Simone’s voice was breaking when she was talking bout her status of friendship with Jackie girl if u don’t call yo mf sista and work it out.”

“Them best friend breakups really hit different. I hope they figure it out.”

“I know that Jackie & Simone’s situation is eating both of them and imma say it again ITS TIME to let it go! I want them to go back to being close they both miss each other and they truly were the best as a team but also as best friends.”

During the “M2M” season 8 premiere Walters opened up about her fractured relationship with Whitmore to Kimes while they were taking a break from a COVID-19 testing event. 

Walters explained that following their reconciliation during the season 7 reunion special in 2019, neither woman attempted to talk to each other. Walters said the issue behind the strained friendship with the mother of two was because she felt Whitmore didn’t defend her during Buffie Purselle’sinfertile” incident. “Last year, Simone and I were definitely really fractured. I wanted my sister to defend me, and she didn’t.”

While Whitmore said that she wasn’t really fond of Kimes and Walters’ relationship and felt that her friend of over 20 years decided to stay out of the fights Whitemore and Kimes were having instead of choosing her side. 

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