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‘Heavenly Being Messy as Usual’: ‘M2M’ Star Dr. Jackie Walters Opens Up to Dr. Heavenly Kimes About Her Non-Existent Relationship with Dr. Simone Whitmore

Married to Medicine” reality star Dr. Jackie Walters talks about her fractured relationship with Dr. Simone Whitmore during the season-eight premiere of “M2M,” which was initially filmed in 2020. The March 7 episode shows Walters and Dr. Heavenly Kimes taking a break from a COVID-19 testing event called “Know Your Status.” It was hosted by Kimes’ husband, Dr. Damon Kimes. 

Walters’ response when asked by her “M2M” costar why Whitmore didn’t make an appearance was “I haven’t talked to Simone.” Both Walters and Whitmore made amends during the season-seven reunion special in 2019. 

Dr. Jackie Walters talks about her strained friendship with Dr. Simone Whitmore to Dr. Heavenly Kimes during the season-eight premiere of “Married to Medicine.” Photo:@therealdrjackie @dr_heavenly/Instagram

Walters added one of the reasons behind the strained friendship with Whitmore was because she felt the mother of two — whom she deemed as her “sister” — didn’t defend her during Buffie Purselle‘s “infertile” incident. “Last year, Simone and I were definitely really fractured. I wanted my sister to defend me, and she didn’t.”

She continued by stating another issue was her newfound friendship with Dr. Heavenly. Following Whitmore’s statement at the reunion special, saying that she was “hurt” by the pair being friends given her past issues with the dentist, Walters felt she extended an “olive branch” by declaring her love for Whitmore. 

“I really thought that I had reached the olive branch across the aisle. I made it clear I love you. I’m here for you, and I didn’t hear back from her.”

When Dr. Heavenly asked the “M2M” star what she plans to do about her relationship with Whitmore, she responded, “I don’t know.” 

Many fans expressed their opinions regarding the situation. A couple blamed Dr. Heavenly for the demise of the connection between Walters and Whitmore.

“Heavenly being messy as usual.”

“Heavenly being evil and separate years of friendship and laugh.”

An Instagram user pointed out that Whitmore couldn’t defend Walters following the infertile comments because she was wrong for even including it in her speech while promoting her book. “U wanted her to support u when u where in wrong,for calling someone infertile…r u mad?”

Another user agreed and added all that Whitmore could do was keep silent on the matter. “That was nuts. Jackie was wrong as hell. Bring quiet was the only thing Simone could do.”

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Dr. Jackie Walters Photo:Bravo/Youtube Screenshot

Later in the episode, the “M2M” cast came together to celebrate Dr. Damon Kimes’ 50th birthday by going to a party. The clip transitions from Walters and Whitmore sharing their versions of why their friendship of over 20 years went down the drain. In the first scene, Walters is seen riding with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe while discussing Walters’ work-life without Whitmore, who ultimately transferred to another hospital.  

Metcalfe said, “What’s it like to be in a hospital where Simone isn’t? That was your support system. That was your decompress buddy.” 

Walters replied, “You know it really makes me emotional if I talk about because I miss that relationship. I just want to know where did we go wrong.” 

Metcalfe mentioned that Whitmore could have been the territorial friend, and that’s why she has a problem with Walters being friends with Dr. Heavenly. 

In the other vehicle were “M2M” cast members Toya Bush-Harris alongside her husband Eugene Harris, Dr. Simone Whitmore and her husband, Cecil Whitmore, and two new castmates Anila Sajja  — a fashion blogger — and husband Dr. Kiran Sajja.

While the group is conversing and drinking, Bush-Harris brings up how quiet Whitmore is on the ride while mentioning that she is thinking about seeing her “bestie” at the party. Whitmore added she was never furious at Walters. She was instead hurt and disappointed by her actions. 

She said, “I wasn’t really angry with Jackie. Hurt, disappointed. I was never really angry. I wasn’t mad. I was hurt.” 

Whitmore continued by saying that Walters serving as the middle man in her problems with Dr. Heavenly caused their relationship to suffer, including in 2018 when the dentist blamed her “M2M” co-star’s marital woes on her husband Cecil’s lack of employment. 

“Jackie was always the middle man in all of my problems with Heavenly. Last year, she chose to stay out of it. My relationship has changed, and I’m an adult who adjusts to changes.”

Whitmore and Walters’s friendship spanned about 23 years, and it is unclear where their current relationship stands.

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