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Dr. Heavenly Blames Dr. Simone Whitmore’s Marriage Woes on Husband’s Unemployment: ‘If Cecil Gets a Job They Problems Would be Over’

Dr. Heavenly Kimes has a theory as to why Dr. Simone Whitmore has so many problems in her marriage.

In the latest installment of her weekly “Married to Medicine” after show Kimes explained that Cecil Whitmore’s lack of employment is the root of their marital strife.

“If a dude ain’t got no job, s— start to look wrong,” she says. “He don’t look as good, he don’t smell as good, the sex ain’t good. … Simone took on another job. Now the b—- got three jobs. This man ain’t got one job. That’s why she mad! … If Cecil get a job, I think they problems would be over. Get a job, Cecil. I don’t care about the money. Y’all got enough money. She’s got a contract, you’re not on ‘Married to Medicine.’ So all that extra stuff you doing, you’re doing for free.”

She said the reason Dr. Simone is so mean this season is because she’s not happy in her marriage.

“If you get a job, that’ll solve a lot of your problems. Because I’m telling you as a black woman, as a professional woman, when I get up out of bed I want this man going to work too. I’m sorry, I had to say it. There it is,” Heavenly concluded.

The Whitmore’s marriage was threatened to be over when Dr. Simone told People magazine in January that she “reached a place where I am in a marriage where I do not feel loved and no sacrifices are being made for me to make me feel loved.” The two rekindled their relationship by the spring. But after Cecil lost his job, it seems his focus on his children’s monetary chore app, Kidz Force, may not be giving him enough to do as the pair begins to become empty nesters.

Fans largely agreed with Kimes unbridled sentiments and tore into Dr. Simone themselves.

“I’m with you Dr. Heavenly! Simone can’t be happy in her marriage because she’s being EXTRA MEAN!”

“Simone is mean this year. I didn’t like her this season at all. She was projecting her anger onto the ladies. It wasn’t right.”

“BINGO! Dr. Simone is NOT happy in her marriage ‼️”

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