Kenya Moore Reveals In ‘RHOA’ After Show Why She Keeps Bringing Up the Strippergate Scandal

Kenya Moore disclosed why she keeps bringing up BOLO, the entertainer, and the alleged strippergate incident during The Real Housewives of Atlanta after show that aired on April 5. The alleged sexual tryst with BOLO and two “RHOA” cast mates who supposedly were Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam, reportedly occurred at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party last year. Both BOLO and Sam later denied the accusations.

Moore called out Williams for playing the blame game for something the “Dish Nation” co-host allegedly participated in. The former beauty queen said on mark 8:34, “You know the thing is, I hate when people blame someone else for their own behavior. You chose to do what you did, but yet it’s someone else’s fault that they’re talking about it. I think that’s just ass-backwards, as I’ve heard people say. If you don’t do the behavior, then you don’t give anyone anything to talk about. Don’t blame me. Blame yourself. You did that, not me.”

Kenya Moore explains on “RHOA” after show why she keeps bringing up the strippergate incident. (Photo: Bravo/ YouTube screenshot)

Moore clarified her initial comment on mark 9:50 by stating that anything that is done in the cast house while on the job will be discussed. “You chose to get your groove on in the cast house where we’re shooting an entire television show about your life. Why would you think we’re not talking about it make it make sense.” 

The mother of one’s “RHOA” co-star Cynthia Bailey backed up Moore’s statements: “And be clear for the 100th time do you, boo, OK, but if you do you on a cast trip in front of us we’re going to talk about it, and it’s not personal. Had Kenya, Kandi, or I’ve been in the room with BOLO, and some of the other ladies heard noises, moans, groans, whatever, it would have been a topic of conversation.”

Although Moore explained why BOLO and strippergate is the constant theme this entire season, many fans felt the conversation needs to be dropped. One even brought up Kandi Burruss’ dungeon agreement, which was to keep activities that occur there private. 

“But if the collective decision was to not allow any more of the night be shown or to be put out there, so y’all could enjoy the night without the world knowing…. Why would the first thing you do is put that information out there??????? And then drag it on for the REST OF THE FREAKIN SEASON… The world didn’t care.. mind your own privates and keep it moving… If you didn’t have anything else going on in your life for a storyline, just say that.”

“It’s literally no ones business!! Why do you care so much about what someone could have done with THEIR box!!??”

Kenya Moore. (Photo: @thekenyamoore/Instagram)

“The moment you ask, and the person doesn’t want to speak on it DROP IT!! what could have happened doesn’t concern none of y’all to be honest.”

“We understand it would be a topic of conversation but it’s been the ONLY topic of conversation and we are tired of it.”

Earlier this week, “RHOA” viewers bashed Moore for making the strippergate incident her storyline in various episodes. In the recent episode, which aired on April 4, Moore and Williams got into a heated argument stemming from Marlo Hampton’s blowup over the two women constantly bickering over the alleged threesome with BOLO. This verbal altercation occurred as the cast attended a special dinner with guest “Queen of Bounce music” and chef Big Freedia


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