‘Who Else Is Tired of Talking About Bolo’: ‘RHOA’ Fans Blast Kenya Moore for Bringing Up the Strippergate Storyline Every Episode

Viewers of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans bashed Kenya Moore for making the strippergate incident her storyline for numerous episodes on April 4, following her heated altercation with Porsha Willams in the latest episode that aired this weekend. The two ladies, alongside the rest of the “RHOA” cast, attended a special dinner during their New Orleans trip, hosted by Drew Sidora with special guest “Queen of Bounce music” and chef Big Freedia.

Moore and Williams began fighting after the former beauty queen gave an update on Marlo Hampton‘s emotional state following her breakdown over being pitted in the middle of their drama. Moore said as the “Dish Nation” co-host interrupted her, “Marlo is upset because she feels like Porsha and her were friends.”

Kenya Moore (L) and Porsha Williams (R).Photo:@thekenyamoore @porsha4real/Instagram

Williams jumped in and said, “Don’t say my name.”

Moore clapped back and told Williams, “I can say your name, Porsha. Don’t direct your anger at me. Direct it at yourself.”

The Kenya Moore Hair Care creator tried to go back to the initial conversation of expressing how Hampton feels. Williams overshadowed her explanation by continuously telling Moore not to mention her name. Kandi Burruss decided to play peacemaker by trying to resolve the primary situation: Moore accusing Williams of sleeping with BOLO, the male entertainer at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party in South Carolina.

Burruss said, “I’m gonna keep it 100. We’re all friends here.We wish we were all friends here. At the end of the day, what difference does it make if somebody decided to f–k a stripper. What difference does it make?”

Moore added that the situation with BOLO doesn’t make a difference in her life, to which Shamea Morton questioned, “then why we keep talking about it?”

Moore responded, “I’m talking about it because we’re talking about it. So Marlo is upset because Porsha dragged her into it and making her choose.” She added, “because if it were me, we would be talking about it until I got dragged all the way back home, honey.”

Williams then clarified she has not thrown jabs at Moore and her relationship with estranged husband Marc Daly. “No because I don’t talk about your personal life and what your man is doing.”

As the two ladies continued to bicker, Burruss, who was entirely over the conversation, said, “This convo is just so silly. I don’t even understand why is our trip in South Carolina even still a conversation. Like stop it.”

Things took a turn for the worst after Moore blatantly asked Williams “why are lying about f—ing BOLO?”

Williams sarcastically answered, “OOO I f—ed BOLO. I f–ked the man who made the pig. I f—ed everybody at the bachelorette party. Oooh, it was so good. Now what. I should’ve knocked on your door Kandi girl it would’ve been good. Now what b—h”

Toward the end of the verbal altercation, Moore brought up how this incident affected the group’s interpersonal relationships. “The issue is how it is affecting other relationships. It’s not a matter of if they [Porsha and BOLO] f—ed or if they didn’t. They did. But now it’s how we deal with it within our own interpersonal relationships.”

Burruss jumped in and asked how this drama can be resolved. “I like solutions.I just wanna know what will bring it to [an] end.” To which Moore responded, she “didn’t know.”

Following the heated exchange, Williams decided to cut her trip to New Orleans short and went back home to Georgia early. Many fans called out Moore for using the same storyline every episode, and some stated they are tired of hearing about BOLO. Others claimed that Moore needs to get her priorities in check rather than focus on Williams’ sex life.

“Who Else Is Tired of Talking About Bolo.”

“Kenya swear she giving us good tv. Us everyone Sunday tired of hearing about bolo: #RHOA.”

“I think Kenya should have bigger priorities than Porsha’s sex life #RHOA.”

“KENYAAAA!! It doesn’t matter if Porsha screwed 15 strippers. She’s a GROWN woman. She doesn’t need to admit ANYTHING?!?! Like what adult you know goes around “admitting” everything that goes on in their personal lives?? Grow tf up #RHOA.”

“Kenya just [needs] to give Porsha her check for this season cause her whole storyline has been centered around her mentioning Porsha and Bolo at every event #RHOA.”

Last year following Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party, rumors circulated that an alleged threesome took place between BOLO and two “RHOA” castmates — Williams and Tanya Sam. Since then, Sam and BOLO have released a statement denying having any involvement in the sexual tryst. Sam also reportedly left the show after the backlash. 

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