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‘RHOA’ Castmate Tanya Sam Walks Out of Filming for ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, Stripper Scandal Became Too Much to Bear

Earlier this month, it was announced that filming for the 13th season of the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” had paused after one of the crew members tested positive for COVID-19.  When production does resume, it appears as though one of the cast members won’t be returning to the show. 

According to TMZ, “friend” of the cast Tanya Sam has dropped out of filming the Bravo reality television show following the infamous stripper scandal that rose from Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party that took place in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Tanya Sam (Photo): @itstanyatime/Instagram

As previously reported, rumors began circling that things got wild during Cynthia’s final celebration as a single woman. By the end of the night, Porsha Williams and her best friend Tanya were accused of having slept with a male stripper that was hired for the event. Both women denied those allegations.

TMZ reported that Tanya was not happy with how the stripper incident was being used to promote the upcoming season. Tanya was also apparently upset that her relationship woes were a focal point during the previous season. Those familiar with the show might remember Shiana, known as the “Cookie Lady,” who was said to have approached Tanya’s fiancé, Paul Judge, at a bar. Shiana claimed that Judge said he was single and followed her to a nearby bathroom for a conversation. However, he denied her story.

Reports claim that halfway through production, Tanya parted ways with the show. Although she has stopped filming, the media outlet says that she hasn’t officially quit the show. The tech startup investor is reportedly thinking of not participating in the reunion special as well.

Since news of the incident broke, Tanya has maintained that the stories were not true. In October, she addressed the scandal with an Instagram post. “I will address this topic now and will not entertain this absurdity any further,” Tanya wrote in a purple-colored post. She added, “The rumor circulating about me is NOT TRUE.” Porsha also maintained that she wasn’t involved in the threesome.

Tanya’s supporters rallied behind her, including one user who wrote, “I knew it wasn’t soon as I saw it.” They added, “We know you have more integrity in your actions and words. ✨ love and light ✨.”

Another person commented, “Haters are always gonna hate when you exude love and light Best. Keep rising above and know how loved you are….always❤️.” “They keep trying to tarnish someone image don’t give them that opportunity you have worked so much for someone else to destroy in an twinkle of a eyes,” a third person wrote.

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