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Post and Delete: Tommicus Walker Shares Photo of Himself and Wife LeToya Spending Easter Together

LeToya Luckett and her estranged husband Tommicus Walker are turning heads yet again on social media after being spotted together on Easter. Walker shared to his Instagram Stories — and quickly deleted — a photo that Luckett took of them. 

While the photo looks more like Luckett’s attempt at a selfie that was disrupted by Walker off in the background, it’s the father of three’s comment that sent social media into a tailspin: “Us in a nutshell.”

LeToya Luckett and her estranged husband Tommicus Walker were spotted together on Easter. (Photo: @tommicuswalker/Instagram)

Luckett has somewhat of a side eye going on as she peers at Walker, who is all smiles. The photo was screenshot and shared across social, with many people gleefully commenting at the duo being together, and some not so thrilled.

“We was Rooting for you ma 😩😞”

“Resurrecting that marriage huh”

The public knows nothing about the inner workings of the couple’s separation — a reality that some kept in mind when commenting.

“They have kids together co-parenting is a thing too can’t always assume ppl are back together’”

“I know that smile from anywhere sis it says y’all chill it’s just for the kids 😩😂”

Still, several people are holding out hope that Luckett and Walker are not just hanging out for their children’s sake, but also working their way back to each other.

“Hopefully they can work on their marriage in a nontoxic way ❤️🙏🏽”

“😢😍 Is love winning cuz I’m here for it ! ❤️”

“It’s giving Greenleaf,” and “Looking like Rochelle is plotting to kill Bishop Greenleaf again,” commented others referencing Lukett’s former character Rochelle on OWN’s hot show “Greanleaf.”

This is the second time since announcing their separation in January that Walker has shared a photo of them spending time together. In February, Walker again shared a photo to his Instagram Stories showing himself, Luckett and their two children all smiles while spending time at the beach.

Like clockwork, the singer’s fans again jumped to conclusions about the duo reconciling.

“My sis just torn in between the two.”

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