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Derrick Jaxn Returns with a Bizarre Reaction Video to His Apology Following Cheating Scandal, Defends Wife Over Backlash

The cheating scandal involving social media influencer and self-proclaimed relationship expert Derrick Jaxn has taken another strange turn.  

On Tuesday, March 23, after initially denying that he cheated on his wife Da’Naia Broadus, Jaxn walked back those claims. The author appeared in a seven-minute clip alongside his wife, where he admitted that he was involved with other women while still married to his wife. “I’m talking about as serious as sex to sexual flirtation and meeting up and that kind of thing,” he revealed. 

(L-R): Da’Naia Broadus, Derrick Jaxn Photo: @derrickjaxn/Instagram

Shortly after releasing the clip, Jaxn returned with a third video. This time, a reactionary video to the one he appeared in with his wife — a request he claimed was made by a fan. 

Speaking about himself and his wife in the third person, he expressed that while watching the clip, he didn’t initially think anything of what was being presented as far as with Jaxn, but more so with the wife. Jaxn said he felt Broadus looked “super uncomfortable” and appeared as though she did not want to participate in the conversation. 

He continued, “But then I watched the Live chat that they did right afterward and I kind of caught that is just a part of her personality. So that kind of explains somewhat of her demeanor. She clearly has a mind of her own if you saw the live chat too. She said that the Live Chat was her idea.”

Jaxn’s reaction clip earned him even more flak from social media users. One Twitter user wrote, “I’ve just learned of this man today but based off of what I’ve seen so far, I truly believe that Derrick is mentally unwell and that there is something deeper going on within this relationship.” That person added, “I’m honestly concerned for his wife. Something is off. Something is not right.” 

Later in the video, the influencer slammed social media users for putting the “relationship expert” on a pedestal and directed them to a link where they could purchase his latest book, “Heal Together Without Hurting Each Other.”

Broadus was also slammed for deciding to stand by her husband despite being publicly humiliated. Parodies of the couple’s live stream have since been circling the internet.

“Derrick jaxn wife in that video ‘did I cheat on my wife blah blah blah’  looks extremely out of it. She looks so unhappy,” one user commented on Twitter.  “Sometimes I wonder why as women we put up with these toxic men and allow them to steal our youth which in the end we just regret.”

On Wednesday, March 24, Jaxn shared a post on his Instagram Stories, in which he called for people to “Slander me. Not her. 🖤.” Critics continued to blame him for the series of events, including one person who wrote, “Whew Chile you know the internet aint sh-t. He should have kept her behind the scenes like he been these while 12 years. You think they care about y’all feelings ….smh #DerrickJaxn.”

Check out Jaxn’s complete reaction video down below. 

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