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‘I’m Tired for Her’: Porsha Williams Discusses Her Current Relationship Status with Dennis McKinley During New Episode of ‘RHOA’

Porsha Williams and ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley opened up about the status of their relationship during a new episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” that aired on March 14. The former couple met up for dinner after they individually attended Cynthia Bailey’s wedding.  

Williams’ intention regarding the meeting was to get a clear idea of where they stand romantically following their break-up in 2019 after McKinley allegedly cheated on the “Dish Nation” co-host while she was pregnant with their now 1-year-old daughter, Pilar Jhena. The mother of one also wanted to address McKinley’s “single as f–k” Instagram story post. The reality star wrote it in light of hearing that Williams was against him attending Bailey’s wedding last year.

Dennis McKinley and Porsha Williams attended Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill’s wedding. Photo @workwincelebrate/Instagram

She said, “At the wedding, I really was really irritated with Dennis because he dropped this ‘single as f—‘ the same time that Kenya had dropped this [strippergate] stuff in the blogs. So it was almost like, ‘Oh, is he in his feelings about this and that? Was that the reason?’ You’re sending all kinds of crazy signals. Like, don’t do that,”

Before diving into the seriousness of the conversation, both Williams and McKinley argued about the lack of maturity in their estranged relationship when the mother of one blurted out his single status posted on social media. After continuously going back and forth, the reality stars decided to change the topic and discuss why they broke up. 

Williams said, “I just felt like little issues started getting bigger and bigger and bigger for me. I kept telling everybody that we were fine. You know, I have my place, you living there but you also have this place in the city and I’m okay with it. Even though I was saying it, for some reason, for me as a woman, it just started to not really sit with me well.”

McKinley saw things differently and listed the many factors of what went wrong. It included Williams kicking him out multiple times and the mother of the 39-year-old consistently taking her side on certain things, including how often he can see his daughter. 

Williams, who’s father passed away when she was a teenager, said despite what they have gone through that wasn’t her goal. “Out of everything we go through, I would never want it to affect your relationship with PJ. I did not have my dad my whole life. So I would never want her to grow up and have f—ing daddy issues because we are going back and forth all the time.”

She added, while wiping her tears, “I’m not a bitch, it’s just like, [I] have to act this way sometimes to protect myself.”

When McKinley asked Williams why she is so afraid, she mentioned it’s because if they didn’t share their daughter, they “wouldn’t be talking anymore” and that they would be “over” each other.

As the dinner came to a close, Williams expressed how she hopes the pair learn to communicate and heal from their past hurts. “It’s very hard for me and uncomfortable for me sometimes to find that balance between loving him and then also having to let the relationship go. My hope moving forward with Dennis and I is that we will have better communication and that we will heal from the romantic side of our relationship.”

Following the episode, fans disclosed that it’s better for the former couple to co-parent their daughter rather then remain together.

“I’m tired for her. Smh girl let it go. It’s time to move on. He doesn’t appreciate what he has.”

“Leave and Co-parent.”

“Finally!! The relationship was toxic, and was no longer serving neither of them. Co-parent and move on. 😌”

“Girl you should’ve been let him go & respectfully co-parent when he cheated on you while you were pregnant.”

The former couple documented their relationship struggles on season 12 of “RHOA.” The breaking point occurred after McKinley admitted to cheating on Williams while she was struggling with postpartum depression after giving birth to their daughter. He said, “Yeah, and after PJ got here, postpartum was very real. We cried together like every night. And that’s not a good enough why, but that’s the why.”

The former couple started dating in 2017.

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