‘She Meant Which One’: Fans Ask Lori Harvey to Post Her Alleged New Boo During Post a Pic Challenge and She Posts Symbolic Snapshot Instead

Lori Harvey‘s love life made headlines on Dec. 29 when the 23-year-old
uploaded a photo of herself rolling her eyes on her Instagram Story after a follower asked the model to share an image of her purported new man. Harvey was having a Post a Pic challenge as she got her hair done.

Post a Pic is the latest Instagram challenge, and in this one followers ask the IG user to share a photo with a specific theme. The user must oblige by sharing the particular snapshot. Harvey responded to a few comments, including an unseen party pic, a full-body image, and a photo taken on 2/22/2020. When she dodged the “you and your man” photo request, fans insinuated the star was keeping a low profile after being linked to actor Michael B. Jordan.

Lori Harvey shares a symbolic photo when asked to upload a photo of her new beau during a Q-and-A on IG. @loriharvey/Instagram

“That’s the ugh which one face.”

“She meant which one ✨✨✨”

“If ‘mind your business’ but I’m posting for y’all to be in my business was a person.”

“She gets claimed. She doesn’t do the claiming 😉”

“She picking her next victim 😂😂”

Earlier in the day, Harvey revealed on her Instagram Story what many fans took to be her late Christmas gift, a white Lamborghini with an orange interior, as 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s 2020 hit song “Rich N—-a S–t” featuring Young Thug blared in the background. The “Pretty Little Thing” ambassador captioned the post, “it’s the orange interior for me.” Several people voiced their opinions after catching sight of the luxury vehicle. 

One asked if the socialite was allowed to drive, given her recent trouble with the law. “She’s allowed to drive still?👀👀”

Another mentioned how they hoped Harvey would be cautious while taking the whip for a spin. “Hopefully, she doesn’t hit and run anyone with this car 🥴.” 

An Instagram user agreed and wrote, “Be careful with this one 😍.”

Last month, Harvey was sentenced to two years of probation after reportedly accepting a plea deal in her 2019 hit-and-run case. She agreed to plead no contest to one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. 

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