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‘What Happened?’: Porsha Williams Thanks Fans for Their Well-Wishes After Being In the Hospital

Porsha Williams gave her fans quite a fright after updating them in a Nov. 14 Instagram post that she had been in a hospital. The two posted photos show Williams of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” with a side ponytail and no makeup, and smiling as she holds onto her teddy bear in a bed.

Although Williams did not specify the reason behind her hospital stay, she did note that it was important for everyone to “prioritize your health.”


The full caption of the photo reads, “Thank you everyone for your well wishes. It’s good to finally be home from the hospital. I Love, love my flowers from @workwincelebrate & ladies of #Bravochatroom @gizellebryant @beingbernz @kate_chastain Thank you! I’ll see you all next week God willing. Biggest message I got from this week is to prioritize your health! You can’t just go and go. If you don’t God will sit you right in down and make you figure it out. Road to recovery….”

Because her hospital admission was kept so under wraps, some fans were concerned that Williams had contracted COVID-19 after it was announced last week that production for “RHOA” had to be halted for two weeks because a production team member tested positive for the virus.

One social media user wrote, “i think Covid,” as a guess for a reason behind Williams’ admission.

Someone responded to that statement saying, “I thought they said a crew member or? Because the news said he made contact with some of the cast but I doubt COVID her daughter was sitting with her in one of her post.”


Williams never confirmed or denied if she had contracted COVID-19.

Instead of jumping to conclusions, many other fans wrote to the reality star to simply ask “what happened?” or to wish her well.

A fan wrote, “Awwww I didn’t know that you were ill! Get better and better soon Porsha!”

Another person tried lifting up her spirits by saying, “I’m so glad you’re ok I mean what will I do if something happens to my favorite reality star!!🙄…. But let’s talk about that natural beauty!”

Even Drew Sidora, a new cast member of “RHOA,” was shocked to learn about Williams’ illness.

In the comments, she said, “Omg! U we’re in the hospital??? Please rest and hydrate!!!! Kisses and prayers babe.”

Williams, 39, has been on the move and very busy in recent months. She was arrested twice and tear-gassed after protesting against police brutality, and she broke off her engagement with the father of her child. She has also been continuing her work with the other ladies of “RHOA”, but, above all, she has been busy being a mother to her 1-year-old daughter, Pilar McKinley.

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