‘She Looks Like You Without Makeup’: Fans Debate Whether Porsha Williams’ Daughter Looks Like Her or Her Father Dennis McKinley

Porsha Williams recently shared just how much she and her 1-year-old daughter look alike, leaving some fans gushing as others debated.

On Oct. 15, Porsha uploaded a selfie of herself and her daughter Pilar Jhena’ McKinley smiling at the camera. In the photo Porsha is rocking what looks to be a black T-shirt and burnt orange bundles. Her daughter, nicknamed PJ, is wearing a long-sleeved gray shirt and matching gray sweatpants. Her hair is styled in lemonade braids with clear beads in them and a white bobble hair tie.

Porsha Williams and daughter Pilar. @porsha4real/Instagram

Porsha’s caption for the photo reads, “‘In a daughter you see a glimpse of yourself…only better’ Love you whittle Pj @pilarjhena #MiniMe #18months.”

Several fans agreed that PJ looked like Porsha. One person commented, “Copy and Paste.”

Another one said, “Cute…just like her Momma.”

“She looks like you without makeup,” another added.

However, there were other fans that thought PJ looked more like her father, Dennis McKinley.

One fan wrote, “She looks like her DAD,” and another added, “Only a lil but Pooh! That’s daddies baby for sure auntie.”

But another commenter saw the resemblance of both Porsha and Dennis, writing, “Beautiful….she’s the perfect combination of you and Dennis.”

Porsha Williams and Pilar are all smiles. (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

It looks like Porsha agrees with that statement, because earlier that day she uploaded a collage of shots to her daughter’s personal Instagram page, with photos of Porsha and Dennis when they were children.

In the caption she typed, “Pj’s Parents! This is why Pilar literally looks like whatever parent she is with! Dennis and I twinning … Nose, eyes, smile!”

PJ’s father commented on the photo, writing, “PJ actually was supposed to be Porsha Junior- her momma changed at the last minute.”

This friendly exchange comes days after Porsha’s estranged fiancé revealed that he was “Single ASFK” on his Instagram Story. Later, in a response to fan asking if she and Dennis were still together, Porsha responded “been single.”

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