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David Adefeso Rep Responds to Tamar Braxton’s Tamron Hall Interview By Claiming He Can’t Release Video of Fracas Because She Destroyed It, Tamar Hits Back on Twitter

Tamar Braxton and her ex, David Adefeso, are still going back and forth over what happened during their alleged altercation in his car in early September. On Oct. 28, after Braxton appeared on the “Tamron Hall” show to speak her truth, a representative for Adefeso spoke with TMZ to address one of Braxton’s statements about the incident.

In the interview, the 43-year-old told Tamron Hall that she recorded audio of the dispute as Adefeso was capturing video. While discussing the recordings, she then urged him to “release it” to prove what really happened in the vehicle.

Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso (Photo): @tamarbraxton/Instagram

In response, Adefeso’s rep accused Braxton of destroying the video footage, leaving him with nothing to release. The rep also said the dashcam only shows the front and back views of the vehicle’s surroundings, not the interior of the car.

Additionally, the rep claimed the property damage he sustained during the altercation cost him $1,600 and then $7,500. The unidentified spokesperson added that “ATL” actress Malika Haqq was a witness to the altercation but has refused to cooperate with authorities.

Hours after Adefeso’s response, Braxton issued her own response on Twitter, in what looks to now be a multitude of deleted tweets.

The first goes, “somebody @ this man that according to the court documents he filed..he states that he has the footage backed is he lying to y’all or the police? Cause he sure lied about domestic violence & the 30k in damages when @tmz he said it was 1600 then 7500? Make it make sense.”

The mother of one followed up with a picture of the restraining order filed by Adefeso, with a big red circle around a paragraph detailing the incident and damages.

Some of what was written is, “While damaging these items, Ms. Braxton said, ‘he’s taping me and going to send this to TMZ.’ Ms. Braxton then refused to get out of the vehicle for over an hour while it was parked at her therapist’s office. Unbeknownst to Ms. Braxton, the recording from the vehicle’s camera was stored in a data storage cloud. Mr. Adefeso is currently working on retrieving a copy of this recording from the data storage cloud.”

Continuing on with her tweets she added, “I swear I just wanted to tell my truth and maintain my integrity even while being talked about and lied on and constantly attacked for months while I’ve said nothing. I’m being dragged to court from someone who said “they love me” for a restraining order and we have NO CONTACT!”

Adefeso filed the restraining order against Braxton back in September and later accused her of hitting him in the neck while he was driving. He proceeded to say that he called his mother and while she prayed Braxton recorded him, secretly. Braxton has since denied the claims that she ever physically abused Adefeso.

In her final tweet she writes, “As a victim of domestic violence, I take domestic violence accusations seriously..& DAVID was NOT& IS NOT a VICTIM! I wish he had some type of integrity for me and keep whatever happened in our relationship private. I am trying to heal and move on and I wish he would stop this.”

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