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‘Had We Seen This Pic 1st, We Would’ve Seeeen It Coming’: Tamar Braxton Fans Throw Shade at David Adefeso After Singer Tweets ‘Dudes Will Manipulate’

The plot thickens between former “The Braxton Family Values” reality star and songstress Tamar Braxton and her estranged ex-boyfriend David Adefeso after he filed a restraining order on her earlier this month. 

Now Braxton, 43, is turning to Twitter leaving hints on the situation between her and her ex-lover. 

“How come you are always to last to see sh–?” she first tweeted in the wee morning hours of Saturday, Sept. 26.

“All I know is these dudes will manipulate you when they do some bullsh– then act like it’s your job to protect them when they sh– all over you.” 

Some fans in the mother of one’s Twitter comments wanted Braxton to spill more tea, but many focused on sending her love and prayers.

Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso. Photo: @TamarBraxton/Instagram

“We tend to see what we want to see. When we are broken, we tend to attract the same kind of spirit,” a fan wrote. “I’m claiming HEALING in the name of Jesus. I’m claiming the restoration of JOY and PEACE over your life in the name of Jesus. May God continue to cover & protect you and Logan!”

“Tamar, I have so much love for u! Continued love & prayers for u. Keep being the light u are bc we see ya, DIVA!”

“God always has a way of showing you. I love you so much.” 

“We are all human.. as long as you live, you are.capable of mistakes… Keep God first, and be thankful you are. Logan is safe and keeps living, dear. God and a praying family helped you get over.. now claim your victory and keep pushing.” 

Fans also threw shade at Adefeso. One fan said, “The fake dreds should have been a clue.” Another fan said, “Sis, had we seen this pic 1st, we would’ve seeeent it coming. #ugh.” 

Fan throws shade at David Adefeso. Photo: Twitter

The fan shared a headshot of Adefeso in a business suit. Some fans jokingly wrote that he looked “like a member of Milli Vanilli.” 

Fan posts headshot of Tamar Braxton’s ex-boyfriend David Adefeso. Photo: Twitter

Adefeso addressed the breakup on Instagram Live on Wednesday, Sept. 9, beginning with the topic on mental health. 

“Mental health is real. It’s really real. It’s a terrible thing that happens to people, and there’s no reason why we should be ashamed of it,” said Adefeso. “We should be able to talk about it openly … and not consider it to be a stigma. It is not a stigma.”

His mental health talk follows after he reportedly found Braxton unresponsive in their Ritz-Carlton Residences in downtown Los Angeles in July in was purported her attempt to take her life. 

Fats-forward some weeks after Braxton was released from the hospital, and the 49-year-old Adefeso filed a domestic violence restraining order against her after he claimed to be a victim of domestic violence at Braxton’s hands.

While he was driving, Adefeso said that he was “attacked with a blow to [his] neck” by Braxton. Adefeso has been adamant that he did not attack Braxton in any way, which more than likely sparked her recent post on Twitter. 

However, he admitted that he still loves her. 

“I love Tamar with my entire heart. I loved her from day one… I loved her with everything I had, and I stood by her through thick and thin,” Adefeso said.  

Adefeso furthered his comments by saying the alleged incident caused $30,000 in damage to his Rolls-Royce. The purported fracas prompted him to file the restraining order. 

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