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‘Who Does That?’: Yandy Smith Reveals Chrissy Lampkin Tried to ‘Sneak’ Attack Her at a Hotel After Their Infamous LHHNY Fight

It’s no secret Yandy Smith-Harris and Chrissy Lampkin can’t stand each other, but folks recently learned that their drama extended past “Love and Hip Hop: New York” cameras.

The two ladies recently sat down with VH1 individually and reacted to a heated confrontation they had on season 2 of “LHHNY” at a Miami nightclub.

Smith-Harris used to manage Lampkin’s long-time boyfriend, rapper Jim Jones, before quitting as his publicist in 2012 due to her and Lampkin’s feud. In the scene, Lampkin confronted Smith-Harris about a resignation email she apparently sent to Jones. In the email, Lampkin claimed Smith-Harris asked the Dipset rapper why he was buying Lampkin “bags and shoes” with his money. Lampkin felt Smith-Harris was disrespectful for sending the email and told her to meet “me outside.”

Chrissy Lampkin
Chrissy Lampkin (L) and Yandy Smith-Harris (R) @chrissylampkin/instagram and VH1 screengrab

When Smith-Harris refused to go outside the club with Lampkin, all chaos broke loose. Lampkin ran up on her and tried to kick her, but security quickly intervened between the two. Producers escorted Smith-Harris out of the club and she returned to her hotel room. She said when the cameras stopped filming after the incident, things took an interesting turn for the night.

“Mendeecees [Harris] decided to pop up and surprise me,” said Smith-Harris. “I get a call from him. ‘Yan, why do I see Chrissy here with a bunch of people, Jim here, what’s going on?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know. We just finished shooting. Maybe she’s chillin.’ ”

Mendeecees Harris informed his now wife that “they’re waiting for you.”

“We get halfway to the hotel and my husband says, ‘Don’t even come here because it’s about to be a situation I’m about to handle on my own.’ Now when that man speaks in that tone, I don’t usually listen, but when he speaks in that tone, oh I listened,” Smith-Harris continued.

Chrissy Lampkin
Chrissy Lampkin VH1 screengrab

“Needless to say, after about 15, 20 minutes, I got the call. ‘You can come now.’ I came, all was well. But I get to my room and my room key’s not working. I’m like why is my room key not working? I went downstairs and I said, ‘Hey my key to my room is not working.’ And they said, ‘What’s your room number?’ I told them my room number. They said, ‘Oh your sister and her friends were here because she said they left something in your room.’ You know me, I’m an only child. I don’t have no sister. No ma’am! I don’t have no sister trying to get in my room,” she added.

“Now could you imagine me coming back to my hotel after taking shots, after partying, to a full-blown attack? Now if that ain’t some sneak — well, you know, the sneak happened the first time with Kim [Vanderhee]. So why would I not get sneaked? Yeah, I guess that’s her style. But nah, Mendeecees stayed 10 toes down and was like, it ain’t happening,” Smith-Harris finished explaining.

Lampkin never addressed the behind-the-scenes confrontation Smith-Harris mentioned, but fans had mixed reactions to the incident.

“So Chrissy tried to sneak YANDY at a hotel okay interesting”

“Chrissy needs to grow tf up. She tries to bully everyone. I believe Yandy about the hotel situation because look how she snuck up on Kim. Who does that ?😩”

“Yandy is such a liar. No hotel is going to let you into someone else’s room to ‘wait for you.’ “

“I Love yandy she unbothered and still professional…chrissy a ticking time bomb on who ever cause she can’t control jim….she beautiful but has very bully ugly ways….always wona fight..”

Lampkin said she doesn’t regret her actions toward Smith-Harris at the Miami nightclub and has no interest in burying their 10-year feud.

“That b—h could be standing right here and I could be standing right there and I don’t see her,” Lampkin said. “She knows better than to do anything. Speak. Look. You know, just some things just can’t be mended.”

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