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‘That Was Low’: ‘LHHNY’ Fans Slam Yandy Smith for Taking a Jab at Chrissy Lampkin’s Nonexistent Motherhood

It seems Yandy Smith-Harris is in the hot seat with some “Love and Hip Hop: New York” viewers this week.

The television personality made a few remarks about her foe Chrissy Lampkin not being a mother, which some fans took offense to. The last time the two co-stars met they got into a heated argument that led to Lampkin threatening to slap the entrepreneur.

After taking some time to cool down, the ladies decided to meet again to discuss their existing beef with each other, along with a few business dealings. On Monday night’s episode, Smith-Harris confronted Lampkin about trying to “stop” her money. Lampkin’s business and real estate partner Greg apparently refused to do business with Smith-Harris because of her and Lampkin’s bad blood.

Yandy Smith Harris
Chrissy Lampkin (left) and Yandy Smith-Harris (right). (Photos: @chrissylampkin/Instagram, VH1 screen grab)

Lampkin felt like Smith-Harris disrespected her longtime fiancé Jim Jones, whom Smith-Harris was a publicist for in 2010, and because of that she didn’t want anyone from her team working with Smith-Harris.

The former publicist had an issue with Lampkin supposedly getting in the way of her making money and claimed it also affected her kids. She told Lampkin, “When I work, it’s to feed kids, I got mouths to feed.”

Lampkin responded, “Well, I feed grownups.”

Clearly upset and angry, Smith-Harris took to her confessional and added, “You not hating on me, you hating on my children, but I guess someone that doesn’t have any of her own wouldn’t know how that feels or what that’s like.”

Many “LHHNY” viewers felt Smith-Harris’ comments were disrespectful.

“Yandy that was a low blow about her not having kids. Chrissy is gunna whoop yandys ass at the reunion 😭😭😭 she always talks greasy behind chrissys back! Like b–ch keep that same energy”

“That low blow about Chrissy not having kids was super gross & I hope Chrissy whoops her ass over it!”

“Yandy stay talking shyt 1 you gona say she ain’t got kids so she wouldn’t know then you gona call her the help 🤔 why didn’t you say that to her face”

Other folks defended Smith-Harris’ remarks about Lampkin.

“Yandy said what she said! Chrissy taking food out these kids mouths cuz you mad at they mama. Girl stop f–king up people money tf”

“She took food out Yandy kids mouth that’s low asf so oh well”
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