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‘Where Is the Coin’: Tamar Braxton Says ‘BFV’ Cast Makes 75 Percent Less Than ‘Kardashians’ Stars

Tamar Braxton spoke out against pay inequality within the reality TV space on Monday, July 13. The “Braxton Family Values” cast member responded to a fan on Twitter who suggested that the hit reality show should air on a Black-owned network instead of We TV and insinuated that the cast of “BFV” should be compensated with more money.

“I wish y’all could work out a deal with Black owned networks. Any one of them would be ecstatic to have the Braxton Family!” the Twitter user wrote, tagging a few networks such as OWN, Bounce, and BET (Bounce and BET are no longer Black-owned) and alluding to the fact that “BFV” brought ratings to We TV. The fan concluded his message by using the hashtags, “PayThemTheirWorth” and “PayThemTheirRespect.”

Tamar Braxton expresses her frustration about pay inequality. @TamarBraxtonHer/Twitter)

Tamar replied to the message and noted that neither she nor her family are paid nearly as much as the famous family on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” She wrote: “Are we going to talk about pay…. I 100 percent wrote the theme song… where is the coin… our show is on Netflix…. where is the coin… 10 years on The air… we make 75 percent LESS than the kardashians. How come there are no villains on that show,” she concluded with a thinking emoji.

This is not the first time that Tamar has voiced her frustration about her salary deficit when compared against her white counterparts. In 2018, everyone on the “BFV” cast but Traci Braxton went on strike. The family allegedly demanded higher pay and refused to sign their contracts, arguing that the network did not meet their demands. The network and the family came to an agreement afterward.

(From left) Traci Braxton, Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Braxton, Toni Braxton, Towanda Braxton and Trina Braxton at the “Braxton Family Values” reunion special taping at Occidental Studios on May 28, 2011, in Los Angeles. (Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Rumors swirled this year that “BFV” was canceled and would not be returning for an additional season, but Tamar shut the allegations down in a now-deleted tweet from February. When a fan asked if the show was coming back for its seventh season, Tamar responded: “We started shooting last year and we finish this month.” Tamar’s sister Trina Braxton also teased fans about the show’s return when she shared a video to Instagram in June that seemingly showed her filming a behind-the-scenes confessional.

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