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‘Don’t Play with Me’: Trina Braxton Seemingly Teases Fans About the Upcoming Season of ‘Braxton Family Values’

Trina Braxton is apparently letting the cat out of the bag about the upcoming season of “Braxton Family Values.” At the beginning of the year, rumors swirled that the hit reality show was cancelled, but now it looks as if Trina is confirming that the speculation was anything but true.

The former “Sister Circle” talk show host posted a boomerang on Instagram on Wednesday, June 24 that showed her filming what appeared to be a behind-the-scenes confessional for “BFV.” Wearing a black dress with white polka dots, the mother of two sat in a chair and smiled at her iPhone. “I think it’s time to deliver #BFV” she wrote to describe the footage.

Trina Braxton implies that “Braxton Family Values” will return to television sometime this year. (Photo): @trinabraxton1/Instagram

Trina muted the sound in the clip, so it’s unknown what piping hot tea she was actually spilling in her interview. Over 30,000 people tuned in to the video and more than 100 commentators expressed the idea that they were excited to watch season eight.

One user admitted: “I KNOW it’s time to deliver #BFV😘💞🙏🏽 ….I mean, I’m needing a picker upper right about now ✋🏾💯🙏🏽💞😌.” Another fan agreed and wrote, “Can’t wait!! ❤️ When?? You look absolutely Gorgeous!!❤❤❤.” The WE tv series has not aired in nearly a year, so some people were surprised to see that Trina was supposedly filming the show. “Don’t Play with me 😩❤️,” someone else expressed.

(From left to right): Tamar Braxton, Towanda Braxton, Toni Braxton, Trina Braxton and Traci Braxton. (Photo): @evelynbraxton/Instagram

This is not the first time people suspected the show was going off the air. In 2018, everyone but Traci Braxton went on strike. The family allegedly demanded higher pay and refused to sign their contracts, arguing that the network did not meet their demands. The network and the family came to an agreement afterward. At the time, Trina explained in an interview with Bossip that she regretted walking out on the show and implied that their family manager told them to leave the show. “To me, in my personal opinion we were ill-advised,” Trina said. “I should have stuck with what I knew. However, here we are.”

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