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‘I Stepped Out on Faith’: ‘LHHATL’ Star Sierra Gates Opens Up About Becoming a Mother at 15 and Launching a Successful Career In the Beauty Industry

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Sierra Gates recently opened up about her family, friends and loved ones.

In an exclusive interview with Atlanta Black Star, the 29-year-old television personality touched on her relationship with boyfriend BK Brasco, gave an update about her 15-year-old daughter — who was physically assaulted in January — and discussed her hysterical reaction to her fellow cast member Bambi Benson’s pregnancy prank.

Sierra Gates
“Love and Hip Hop:Atlanta” cast member Sierra Gates gave an exclusive talk to Atlanta Black Star about her life this week. (Photo courtesy of Sierra Gates)

Gates and Brasco started dating in 2017 after she separated from her ex-husband Shooter. However, people witnessed the couple bump heads after Brasco exposed Gates at her 15-year-old daughter’s birthday party for supposedly cheating on him when he produced otsensible printouts of alleged text messages she’d sent to other men. Their heated confrontation almost turned physical before the hairstylist was pulled away.

When asked by Atlanta Black Star how she and Brasco were doing, Gates answered, “We’re good. We’re in a really good space.”

Although Gates and Brasco are currently on good terms, the pair were on rocky terms when her cast mate Benson played a pregnancy prank on her.

Sierra Gates
Sierra Gates and her boyfriend BK. (Photo: @sierra_glamshop_/Instagram)

In the April 20 episode of “LHHATL,” Benson pranked Gates by switching her positive pregnancy tests with Gates’ negative one without the hairstylist knowing. When Gates’ test showed up positive, the mother of two started hysterically crying. Gates, the mother of a 15-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son, said her first thought when seeing the positive pregnancy test was, “I ain’t got time to be having no babies right now.”

“I’ve been a mom since I was 15, and I need a rest,” said Gates. “My daughter is 15 now, and I feel like this is my time to live and do what I need to do for myself, because I basically been raising a child since I was a child, so that’s why I was so dramatic and crying.”

She added, “I’m not ready to start over motherhood. I’m good where I’m at. My kids are grown, we good and I don’t want a baby right now.”

Gates grew up in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur and dropped out of high school at 15 while she was pregnant with her now-15-year-old daughter Paris Gates. She says a year later she began working as a makeup artist and entered the beauty industry. In 2010, she launched her cosmetics company, Secrets Cosmetics, and later opened the Glam Shop, offering hair services and full-face glams.

“I needed a job, and that’s [why] I started my company,” said Gates. “I stepped out on faith. I started doing makeup in the back of a strip club, I started doing makeup at this makeup stand, saved my money up, and I got my beauty Glam Shop.” 

The April 13 episode centered on Gates’ teenage daughter Paris getting into a physical altercation at her North Atlanta High School in January. The girl reportedly was attacked by a girl student and the student’s mother while at school.

Sierra Gates
Sierra Gates tells Atlanta Black Star she’s in a good place in her life. (Photo courtesy of Sierra Gates)

The woman who attacked Gates’ daughter was charged with battery, disrupting a public school and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Gates transferred her daughter to a Christian school after the incident. When asked how Paris was doing at her new high school, Gates said, “She likes it, she actually loves it.”

“For me I feel like I should have been had her in private school because of my lifestyle and she always just wanted to maintain her regular life. I’m glad she’s in private school now and she’ s glad she’ s in private school too,” said Gates.

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