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‘Shoulda Fought That Lady Like Karlie’: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Slam Sierra Gates for ‘Jumping’ Karlie But Not the Woman Who Assaulted Her Daughter

It looks like “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” viewers have quite a few questions for Sierra Gates.

The April 13 episode centered around Gates’ teenage daughter getting into a huge physical altercation off-camera. Earlier this year in January, her 14-year-old daughter Paris was physically attacked by a student and the student’s mother while at school. The incident reportedly occurred at North Atlanta High School in the bathroom and was caught on camera.

Sierra Gates
Sierra Gates (L) and Karlie Redd (R) VH1 screengrabs

Gates claimed the female student was harassing her daughter. She went into further detail on the latest episode and explained what led up to the incident.

Sierra Gates
Paris (L) and Sierra Gates VH1 screenshots

“Paris called me panicking ‘mom, the girl is up here with her mama in the bathroom and they ’bout to fight me’ and I’m like ‘what?’ I’m like ‘Paris Paris calm down put the girl’s mama on the phone,’ ” Gates explained to her ex-husband Shooter, with whom she shares Paris.

Gates said the woman who assaulted her daughter lives in the same building she does. She apparently tried to converse with her daughter’s attacker on the phone moments before the fight, but things didn’t pan out as she hoped it would.

“Next thing I know I heard the phone drop and little kids were screaming,” said Gates. “Something needs to be done and justice needs to be served.”

LHHATL” viewers were surprised Gates didn’t brawl with her daughter’s attacker considering her recent fight with her ex-bestie Karlie Redd.

“So the woman lives in her same building & she still didn’t beat her ass? I guess she only has strength for Karlie, who everyone knows cannot fight 👍🏾”

“U. Better go fight for your daughter. And stop fighting over dumb s–t. Why she wasnt in her car already otw to the school????? but quick to fight anybody and everyone else??????? im confused 🤣”

“Instead of setting Karlie up, sierra should get her homegirls and surround that mums house and not leave until they jump that hitch . periodt. no matter what happened, a grown woman should not be fighting a 14yr old.”

“So you mush Karlie and your people jumped her for YOUR mistake, but you take out a restraining order when some grown ass lady jumps your child? You should fought that lady like karlie. I would’ve MAYBE thought about a restraining order after I dragged that lady all around the apartment building. No baby no.”

The woman who assaulted Gates’ teenage daughter turned herself into authorities on Jan 23. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she was charged with battery, disrupting public school and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. 

Gates transferred her daughter to a Christian school.
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