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‘When Yo Man Ain’t Shxt’: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Crack Up at Sierra Gates Hysterically Crying Over Pregnancy Test Prank

It’s safe to say “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Sierra Gates won’t be trying to get pregnant anytime soon.

In the April 20 episode, “LHHATL” cast members played a pregnancy prank on Gates, which resulted in her breaking out in tears.

Sierra Gates
Sierra Gates @VH1 screengrab

During a ski trip to Tennessee by “LHHATL” castmates, Lil Scrappy‘s wife Bambi realized that she may be pregnant again. Her fellow cast members, including Gates, were also experiencing different mood swings and emotions, so all of the ladies decided to take pregnancy tests. Gates admitted she was celibate for a while, but she had a slip-up.

Sierra Gates
Sierra Gates and her boyfriend BK @sierra_glamshop_/Instagram

The cast members decided not to put names on their pregnancy tests, but marked them in other ways. Bambi pranked Gates by switching her positive pregnancy tests with Gates’ negative one without the hairstylist knowing. When the test showed up positive, the mother of two started hysterically crying and admitted to the crew that her relationship with her boyfriend BK was rocky. She said it would have been different if they were married, but she wasn’t too confident in their relationship.

Moments after the ladies consoled Gates, Bambi revealed the whole thing was a prank. Gates eventually dried her tears and gave Bambi a hug.

Sierra Gates
Bambi VH1 screengrab

LHHATL” viewers cracked up at Gates’ emotional reaction, while others clowned her.

“Sis u might wanna use condoms next time or get on birth control 😂😂 you clearly don’t want no mo kids”

“Sierra having a whole panic attack and they laughing like a pack of hyenas. 😂 They ought to be ashamed of themselves!”

“Bruh! Sierra had the look of my life is over when she thought she was pregnant 😂😂😂 If you crying that much over having a dudes baby maybe you should reconsider that relationship 😳”

“When you know yo man ain’t shxt 😂😂 Why she cry like that? 😂I feel bad for my sis but that was hilariousssss”

“LMAAAAO ‘that’s not mine’ she grown asf BAWLING 😭🤣 nah sis just need some birth control”

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