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‘Please Tell Me It’s a Joke’: Folks Are in Disbelief When Princess Love Says Ray J is in Las Vegas While She’s Home With Their Children

At this point Ray J and his wife of almost four years, Princess Love, have been together for nearly a decade. And not once have fans been able to look at their relationship and think, “boy, they are a really good couple,” and it’s all because of their never-ending turmoil.

Rumored infidelities, non-stop bickering on reality television and the epic showdown where Norwood pushed Love into a pool during a verbal dispute are just the tip of the iceberg with these two.

Even two adorable little kids can’t seem to help them pull it together!

Princess Love shares an adorable picture of her two children. @princesslove/Instagram

Love, who has made it abundantly clear she is over her husband, can’t even post an adorable photo of the children without someone asking about her estranged husband.

“They sooooo adorable omg 😍 where is ray?” asked one person in the comments of a photo posted to Love’s social.

Surprisingly, the mother of two responded.

“Vegas,” she replied.

Those who have watched what seems to be a never-ending saga of ups and downs in Love and Norwood’s marriage know that the “One Wish” singer is quite fond of the desert city.

It happens to be the place where Love claimed he abandoned her while she was pregnant with their son and caring for their daughter.

“Please tell me it’s a joke😲,” wrote one person, not wanting to believe Norwood would leave his estranged wife and kids self-isolated in California while he’s hours aways in Nevada.

“😂😂😂he’s definitely a dead-beat father. He’s only a instagram father,” wrote another person.

“his ass needs to stay there! Keep rocking it momma!”

The family of four has not been happily photoed together since the top of the year. Even what seemed to be a brief reconciliation toward the end of her pregnancy with son Epik soured within the blink of an eye.

Heaven only knows what will become of the “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” couple. But what fans know for certain is that Norwood and Love definitely make some of the most adorable children together.

“Omg!!! I just love them so much😍😍😍”

“your kids are beautiful!!💯💯”

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