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‘Petty on Every Level’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Slam Ceaser and His Gang for Trashing Kitty and Ryan for So-Called ‘Shrimp D–k’

It’s pretty clear Ceaser Emanuel is still angry about his recent drama with Miss Kitty and Ryan Henry.

The “Black Ink Crew” reality star terminated his ex-girlfriend Kitty after a rumor spread last season about her sleeping with his former friend, Henry of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago.” He felt they both were in the wrong for allegedly having sexual relations behind his back and now he’s on the path of vengeance.

Ceaser Emanuel
(From left to right): Ceaser Emanuel and Ryan Henry VH1 screengrabs

In the March 11 episode of the VH1 series, Emanuel officially declared war with Henry after an anonymous person from the Chicago franchise sent his cousin Teddy Ruks a video of Henry and Kitty looking cozy together. Emanuel showed his staff the video and, of course, they sided with him.

The “Black Ink” owner’s business partner Puma Robinson said that the clip of Henry and Kitt “wasn’t a message, that’s a f–k you.” Emanuel’s tattoo apprentice and long-time employee, Donna Lombardi, felt it was some “petty high school bulls–t.”

In an attempt to make Emanuel feel better, Lombardi started trash talking Kitty and Henry.

“Well Cease if it make you feel better I heard his penis was small,” Lombardi blurted out to Emanuel and her co-stars. “I know that builds your confidence a little more, you gone have a sit down with Ryan and look at this n—a like ‘haha you got a lil d–k.'”

Emanuel laughed at Lombardi’s jokes and claimed Henry wouldn’t have his tattoo shop 9MAG if it weren’t for him. He added that he “made” Henry. Emanuel also shaded Kitty, insinuating that she was an “alley cat whore.”

Black Ink Crew” viewers slammed Emanuel and his crew for disrespecting his ex-girlfriend and Henry.

“Damn kitty grown asf remember that she can’t fuck who ever she want to 🤷🏿‍♀️. Y’all all disrespectful so stfu they really need new story lines worried about the wrong thing let it go 🤷🏽‍♀️she left n got better”

“He fired her for dating someone else. That’s petty on every level. All kinds of HR violations therefore she got even. 😒 I’d still pick Ryan shrimp dick over that heavy lip bastard. FYI you did not make Ryan he was already made!”

“So now crease mad that kitty moved on when he was dating 50 million chicks. They need to let go and let God. Kitty is a grown ass woman and Ryan is a fine ass mans 😂”

“Donna shut up and Walter shut the f–k up please! Ceaser ain’t even want Kitty! They weren’t even in a real relationship. 🙄 this gonna be New York’s storyline for the whole season pressed asses”

Emanuel’s plan to get back at Henry is to open a “Black Ink” tattoo shop in Chicago to apparently drive business away from Henry’s 9MAG shop.

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