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‘They Def F–king’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Believe Miss Kitty and Ryan Rumors After She Gets Jealous

It seems “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers believe there may be some truth to the rumors about Miss Kitty and Ryan Henry.

On the latest season of the New York franchise, Miss Kitty was fired from the shop after her best friend Tati, claimed she and Henry slept together at the New Orleans Essence Festival last year. Both Henry and Kitty denied rumors of the two of them being intimate, but the latest episode of “Black Ink Chi” suggests otherwise.

Miss Kitty
Ryan Henry and Miss Kitty. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

On the Jan. 22 episode, Kitty and Henry were both in New Orleans to support Charmaine Walker and attend her late mother’s funeral. While in town, Kitty discussed taking a management position at 2nd City Ink that Walker offered her. Henry seemingly hinted that Kitty should take the job and move to Chicago permanently.

Later on that evening, both Kitty, Henry and their co-stars attended a downtown New Orleans pub, where things got wild real quick. After chugging down a few drinks, Jess, who co-owns part of Walker’s shop 2nd City Ink, began making flirtatious moves on Henry. She kept throwing herself at him and showing him her breasts.

Kitty witnessed the flirty exchange between Henry and Jess and appeared to be quite upset.

“This just reeks ultimate levels of desperation,” Kit said in her confessional.

The former “Black Ink” brand ambassador then pulled Henry to the side and asked, “What the f–k is y’all doing over here?” to which the 9MAG owner replied, “Just chill, I’ll tell you.”

Henry and Kitty then left the pub together in a black SUV and headed back to Kit’s hotel room. The 9MAG owner didn’t return to his New Orleans rental property until the next morning.

Many “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers took Kit’s apparent jealousy to heart and felt it stemmed from her and Henry being more than just “friends” as they claimed.

“Oohh if we could put gifs on hereeee 😭 oh yeah they def f–king! Look how jealous Kitty got. I would too ryan fine af!”

“Hmmm…seems like he’s more than your ‘friend’ if you’re mad that another woman is flirting with him. 😅”

“Oooo so the rumors are true! I think they together. You could see kitty’s face she wants him. Oh they f–ked that night 😂 “

“So they where messing arond all a long 🙊😂? That’s her man that’s why she mad cause that’s Jessica life if she wanna show her tits ass or coochie 🤷🏽‍♀️idgaf ima sip and look and laugh with Ryan. I knew it!”
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