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‘U Butt Hurt’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Slam Ceaser Emanuel for Going to War With Ryan Henry Over Kitty Drama

It looks like Ceaser Emanuel from the original “Black Ink Crew” is coming for “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry.

Last season, tension seemed to be building between Emanuel and Henry due to a rumor about the 9MAG owner and Emanuel’s ex-girlfriend Miss Kitty allegedly sleeping with each other. The Black Ink owner even fired Kitty from her brand ambassador position over the rumor and called her a homie hopper.

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel (left) and Ryan Henry (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

Kitty eventually made her way from New York to Chicago, and her bond with Henry seemed to grow tighter. As a matter of fact, Henry seemingly confirmed the two were in a relationship and that he wanted to take things more seriously with Kit.

On the trailer for the upcoming “Black Ink Crew” season 9, Emanuel’s cousin Teddy Ruks showed him a video of Henry and Kitty looking quite cozy together. Ruks claimed someone from 9MAG sent the video to him.

A furious Emanuel said in his confessional, “The audacity of this m——-ker. I was his friend, I was his mentor, and you got the nerve to mess with one of my exes and throw it in my face. Man, f–k that! It wouldn’t be no 9MAG without Ceaser, yo!”

In a separate scene, Henry is seen yelling at one of the “Black Ink” artists at a tattoo convention, telling them to “Get the f–k away from here with that bulls–t.”

Emanuel declared “war” on Henry over the Kitty drama and decided to open a competing tattoo shop against 9MAG called “Black Ink Chicago.” The entire “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” crew appeared stunned at Emanuel’s announcement.

Several viewers felt Emanuel was overreacting to the Kitty and Henry drama.

“U butt hurt!Sonnnnn whatttttttftt . Chicago will fuck y’all up . Ceasar is a bitch ! Your whole team is a bitch . Please cut it out 😭”

“Cease is always with the dumb s–t lmao , that’s why Ryann is thriving! I don’t think that would be a good move if it’s out of spite. Your going to someone else city with spiteful intentions. Not good.”

“Oooooh s–t, it’s about to be on. You better come hard, if you think you can move Ryan out the way. I dont think Ceasar has what it takes BUT I’ll be watching. OOUUUAAAAA .. this gone be good y’all‼️‼️ 👀”

“Caesar n his team vs Ryan n his team 😭 ok yeah. Ryan a way better business man then ceaser black ink new york is just messy”

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