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‘Get Out Your Feelings Dog: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Emanuel Blames Miss Kitty and Ryan Henry for Not Being ‘Honest’ About Hooking Up

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel is apparently blaming his ex-girlfriend Miss Kitty and his former tattoo ally Ryan Henry for the drama that occurred between them.

The last season of the VH1 series revealed that one of the cast members claimed Miss Kitty and “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Henry were sexually involved. Both denied the rumor until the most recent season of the Chicago franchise. The 9MAG owner seemingly confirmed he was in a relationship with Miss Kitty up until he allegedly reconciled with long-time girlfriend Rachel Leigh.

Ceaser Emanuel
From (L) to (R): Miss Kitty, Ceaser Emanuel and Ryan Henry VH1 screengrabs

Emanuel was clearly upset about his ex-girlfriend and his supposed friend allegedly hooking up behind his back.

“At the time that it happened it was like I was more upset with the both of them because all it really took was a conversation,”Emanuel told People TV in a recent interview. “I’m not that type of person, I understand I’m not the clean-cut guy or what-not, so I don’t expect anything all I expect is we have a friendship and it should be some type of understanding between both of them.”

Emanuel said their dishonesty was the reason he decided not to communicate with Henry about opening up a new “Black Ink” tattoo shop in Chicago.

For the longest, Henry denied having any sort of relations with Kitty. He said in an Instagram live video from November, “I ain’t hit nothing, man. …Whatever they said I did, I ain’t did nothing. I ain’t did or said nothing. Ain’t nobody did nothing.” After the recent season of “Black Ink Chicago” ended, he also denied being in a relationship with Kitty.

As far as Emanuel feeling some sort of way about Kitty and Henry, fans have mixed reactions.

“I don’t think that Kitty slept with Ryan! Seems that Ceas have more feelings for Kitty than we thought! He also has trust issues! 🤷🏾‍♀️ ,” a fan wrote at the time.

Another added, “I really truly believe MS. KITTY DID NOT SLEEP WITH RYAN. He said so and so did she. Ceaser get out your feelings dog”

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