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‘Worry Bout Ur Kids!’: Black Ink Crew Fans Slam Sky After She Claims Kitty Slept with Ryan Henry

Well, it seems all bets are off between Miss Kitty and several of her “Black Ink Crew” co-stars.

After her explosive confrontation with Ceaser Emanuel‘s ex-girlfriend and “baby muva” Crystal, the brand ambassador apparently has a new enemy this week, and it happens to be “Black Ink” human resources head Sky Days.

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In a trailer for the Nov. 6 episode, Days went after Kitty following her blowup with Crystal and claimed she was sleeping with “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry.

The drama happened shortly after Kitt learned that Crystal, whom she considered a friend, was spreading rumors behind her back. Crystal claimed Kitty became sexually involved with Emanuel to further her career, although the pair were actually dating at one period of time.

To make matters worse, Emanuel’s ex-girlfriend tried to have a friendly conversation with Kitty despite gossiping about her, which led to a big blowup between the two ladies. Kitty refused to talk to Crystal and decided to leave the event to avoid a fight with the mother of one.

However, fast-forward to this week’s trailer, and it seems things get only worse for Kitty. During a Black Ink dinner the crew had, more accusations of Kit sleeping her way to top are made, but this time it’s by Days. In the middle of raising a toast to the staff, Days announces to the crew, including Kit, “Glass to your lips, everyone knows that Kitty f–ked Ryan in Chicago.”

It’s unclear why Days slandered Kitt or possibly spilled the beans, but her co-stars were shocked. Kitty clearly wasn’t too thrilled about Days’ remarks and stared at the HR director in disbelief.

Sky Days
Miss Kitty (left) and Sky Days (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

“Black Ink Crew” viewers scolded Days for attacking Kitty and felt she was wrong.

“Sky back on her clown s–t I see! 🤷🏽 she’s being real messy , i love her but thats being real messy. She never really liked kit to be honest i think she’s jealous”

“If that’s true good for Kitty Ryan is FINE!!! 🔥 but dat bihhh sky a real hater cuz dnt nobody want her ass”

“@flyyytattedsky so wack for this she just mad because her story line is all dryed up because her boy dont f–k with her. Bye b–ch”

“Hoe go worry bout ur kids 🙄 and not who Kitty is sleeping with! She mad Ryan ain’t want her! She so busy in everybody else’s business ance yet she got a whole circus going on in her life!”

Others disagreed.

“Sky is a mood! Pumps the tea ..shrugs shoulder..sips drink 😂”

“Sky has a point tho Caesar her brother how you fu–ing her brother and her friend 😂😂😭”
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