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‘Everybody Needs Soap’: Soulja Boy Talks About New Business, Explains Why He’s Kept a Low Profile

Soulja Boy now has a new business venture, and it involves selling soap, he announced during an interview with “The Breakfast Club.” The interview was uploaded to YouTube on March 10.

During the nearly 30-minute conversation, Soulja touched on various topics, and around the 17-minute mark he talked about his new business of selling detergent.

“Just different businesses,” said Soulja about why he got into the soap industry. “Once you get into the music industry, branch out, do different stuff, like, try different things, try different business ventures … Everybody needs soap.”

The name of the company Soulja is involved with is called The Soap Shop, and it offers products that’s supposed to remind customers of well-known brands.

The company website says it has a type of soap that’s “comparable to Downy,” and other selections that can be compared to Dawn, Tide, Gain, as well as Arm & Hammer.

The company has one location in Southaven, Miss.

At the beginning of the interview, Soulja talked about why he’s kept a low profile since being released from jail in July, after spending 146 days there for parole violation.

In short, Soulja said that he’s just trying to focus on his work, because he felt there was too much noise surrounding his name before he was locked up last year.

“[I’m] working on the album, working on my business, keeping everything together, keeping everything on the up and up,” he explained.

“It’s so much going on out in the world today, I just took a second just to pause everything for a second,” Soulja added. ‘Cause I feel I was just out there just too much, like going too viral. So I decided to take, like, a little pause.”

According to Soulja’s manager, Miami Mike, Soulja also quit drinking lean since being released, which is the liquid concoction made of cough syrup with codeine and soda. Plus, Mike said that Soulja has gained 50 pounds since he got out of jail.

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