Soulja Boy Is Living a Healthier Lifestyle Since Jail and Quitting Drinking Lean

Soulja Boy has undergone a lot of changes since he was released from a California jail cell in July, both physically and when it comes to his overall lifestyle.

The rapper was sentenced to 240 days back in April for violating probation, as well as 265 days of community service. But he got out for good behavior and jail overcrowding after he’d spent 146 days behind bars.

Soulja’s manager Miami Mike recently spoke to TMZ about how the 29-year-old is living these days, which is completely different from how he’d lived pre-lockup.

According to Mike, Soulja’s gained 50 pounds since being released, and he was only 130 pounds when he went in.

The “Crank That” performer was drinking a lot of lean at that time as well, and he spent a whopping $500 to $800 on the liquid concoction each day.

Lean, also called sizzurp and purple drank back in the day, is made of cough syrup with codeine in it, plus, soda and sometimes a piece of hard candy like a Jolly Rancher.

In fact, Soulja drank so much lean that it killed his appetite, and he hardly ate. But he no longer touches the stuff, and he also keeps away from alcohol and all other drugs, which allows him to eat more regularly and work out.

The rapper has also kept a very low social media profile since his release. Because for the last several years, the talk surrounding Soulja had more to do with his wild behavior on Instagram than his music.

In the past, the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper flashed guns on the site, made all kinds of threats and trolled people on a regular basis. But now Soulja is barely on Instagram at all, and he hasn’t posted anything since June.

But he did appear in a video that was shared by TMZ, and it’s one of the few times he’s been seen since getting out of jail. And it’s easy to see that Soulja has gained a significant amount of weight, mostly in his face, since it looks fuller.

“Biggest boss. Young Draco, n—a,” he said on camera. “Whole lot of motherf—ing money sh– going on, big money sh–, 2020 sh–. No cap.”

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