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‘Basketball Wives’ Reality Star O.G. Chijindu Countersues Co-Star Evelyn Lozada After Alleged ‘Chest Pains’ Sent Her to the ER

The issues continue even when the cameras are off for “Basketball Wives” reality stars Ogom “O.G.” Chijindu and Evelyn Lozada.

The former athlete is countersuing Lozada, claiming after one of her lawsuits caused a medical scare of Chijindu. 

According to TMZ, Chijindu claimed she suffered severe chest pains that sent her to the ER for treatment following Lozada’s defamation lawsuit she filed in October 2019. 

Evelyn Lozada
Evelyn Lozada (left) and Ogom Chijindu (right). (Photo: @evelynlozada/Instagram, @iheartog/Instagram)

TMZ reportedly obtained documents showing Chijindu’s claims of Lozada filing lawsuits “for the purpose of financial gain and media attention.” 

Lozada sued Chijindu because she lost several endorsements after Chijindu called her a “racist bigot.”  

In September, the two women battled via social media following an episode of “BBW” when Chijindu made Lozada fall into a bush for trying to hit former co-star CeCe Gutierrez with a leaf. 

Chijindu did call Lozada a “useless church rat” on her Twitter page. Lozada then posted a message with a picture of a laughing orangutan in her Instagram Story post, leading to Chijindu’s claim of racism.  

OG Chijindu @twitter

Lozada denied making racist remarks and tried to get a restraining order on Chijindu, but it was dismissed. Chijindu said the drama had caused her emotional distress.  

Chijindu stepped on the “BBW” reality scene confidently in season 7. 

Known as the “Nigerian Knockout,” the former Legends of Football League player made it known that she would use her football skills if she needed to defend herself. 

Lozada didn’t take a liking to Chijindu for backing up her friend Gutierrez with her drama between co-star Kristen Scott. 

Lozada and Chijindu came to butt heads during a girls trip in Costa Rica, which lead to Chijindu telling the mother of two that her ex-husband, former NFL player Chad Ochocinco wanted her. Chijindu threw this jab at Lozada after she called her “ugly.” 

Lozada tried to clap back with receipts of direct messages between the former Cincinnati Bengals player and Chijindu that were sent to her by her ex. 

However, Lozada was shut down after Chijindu revealed their text messages and the fact that the two former football players met in 2011, a year before Lozada and Ochocinco married. 

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