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O.G. Deems Evelyn Lozada ‘Racist,’ Blasts Her for Allegedly Wanting Bushes Scene Axed From ‘Basketball Wives

As fans eagerly await the scene in “Basketball Wives” where Evelyn Lozada falls into the bushes, her co-star O.G. is claiming it may not air at all.

That’s because, according to her, the longtime star of the VH1 reality show pleaded with show producers to remove it from the final cut of the episode.

The incident in question appears to occur during a girls trip to Costa Rica, one that Jennifer Williams was not invited to. The scene, which will likely air during the next episode, shows Lozada walking down what appears to be a brick-covered driveway. After she brushes a leaf against O.G., Lozada falls into the brush along the path. Cast mates rush to help her.

Taking to Twitter Wednesday ahead of the latest “Basketball Wives” episode airing, O.G. said, “How can you say: ‘nobody scared of you og’ ‘i’m a grown ass women’ ‘itripped’ but then turn around & say you fear for you life..Then beg for the bushes to get edited out you useless church rat biko go & sit down somewhere boh..Scary ass hoe cheh! #iheartog #nigerianknockout.”

The retired Legends of Football Leauge player also posted a series of videos to her Instagram Story mocking Lozada, who posted and deleted a message on her own IG Story appearing to compare O.G. to an ape.

Remarking on the ape GIF included in Lozada’s since-removed post, O.G. tweeted, “And there it is.. Show your true colors you racist bigot.. You called cece ‘ling ling’ jackie a ‘cockroach’ & now me a ‘monkey’ may god take care of you well well..Evelyn lozada.. @vh1 not ok #iheartog #nigerianknockout #bbwla #vh1 #basketballwives #evelynlozadatheracist #boom.”

Lozada has not responded to O.G., but many fans have been sounding off about the ape post and O.G. accusations.

“i believe it! wouldn’t be the first time they’ve promoted a scene & when it was time to air in a episode they edit it out. production for this show is absolutely a SHAM.”

“This was racist asf but cause it’s evilyn y’all gon say og reaching.”

“Evelyn should be cancelled, periodt! This is beyond.”

Lozada and O.G.’s issues appear to have been heightened ever since Lozada poked fun at the former’s toes sticking out of her shoes. Lozada dubbed O.G. Toe-G as a result. On the Sept. 11 episode, the issue crept up again with O.G. explaining that wearing lotion on the bottom of her feet means her toes will slide forward in her high heels. She also had an issue with Lozada dissing her as someone’s daughter when Lozada had a problem with longtime friend Williams allegedly making negative remarks about her daughter, Shaunice.

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