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‘Prying Fools’: Yandy Smith Claps Back at Fans for Questioning Foster Daughter’s Whereabouts in Her Family Portrait

It seems Yandy Smith-Harris is truly fed up with people inquiring about her teenage foster daughter Infinity Gilyard.

Yandy Smith
From left to right: Yandy Smith-Harris, Omere Harris, Skylar Harris and Mendeecees Harris

The “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star posted a family photo featuring herself, her husband Mendeecees Harris and their two kids — Omere and Skylar Harris. The quartet dressed alike in gray sherpa coats and black garments.

Smith-Harris claimed she and the family were heading to church. She also created a side note for critics asking about their attire and her foster daughter.

“No prolific dissertation…just church on Sundays & I’m grateful,” said the mother of two. “(Before y’all ask…Yes my church is come as you are and Fin Fin is deep in basketball so she’s close to the dorm. We missed you at church baby girl.”

Smith-Harris fans defended her against trolls on her post asking about Gilyard.

“You ain’t gotta explain to anyone let alone social media trolls the status and location of any of your children/family members. … Sis you happy your family is too I cringe every time I see you post a disclaimer for these would be prying fools. Live your best life as lon as y’all happy you ain’t gotta explain a thing. #friendimyhead #protectyourenergy #goodenergyonly.”

“Folks asking where your other child meanwhile they don’t know where the hell they 2 at. smh”

“Wow people are just so heartless & disrespectful. She has a name and its Infinity. … God bless you and your family. Let the blessings continue for you 💖”

Smith-Harris thanked fans for jumping to her defense and wrote, “Thank you my love” to multiple people.

Yandy Smith
photo courtesy@fromyandytoinfinity/Infinity Gilyard (L) and Yandy Smith (R)

Just last month, the “LHHNY” actress fired off on fans, who accused her of abandoning Gilyard for her husband Mendeecees — who was released from prison on Jan. 29.

Smith-Harris shared another family photo without Gilyard and an internet troll wrote, “So Yandy booted the little girl 😕”

The person’s reaction instantly triggered a response from Smith-Harris.

“that’s funny? How do you think she’d feel reading you say this. Ofcourse it’s not true but how do you think it would make a CHILD feel?!!!! Kids should be off limits. Damn. It be your own kind,” she wrote.

Smith-Harris took Gilyard in 2018 and started the process of becoming her foster mother. She met the teenager around 2015 and served as her mentor for three years.

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