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‘Damn’: Yandy Smith Hits Back at Trolls Who Think Mendeecees Replaces Adopted Daughter

Yandy Smith-Harris is clearly fed up with folks poking their noses in her family business.

The “Love and Hip Hop: New York” actress and her two children Omere and Skylar Harris are currently celebrating the release of her husband and their father Mendeecees Harris. The music exec served four years behind bars for drug trafficking and was officially released from the slammer on Jan. 29.

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, Mendeecees took to Instagram and uploaded his first family photo of himself, Yandy and their children since his release. However, several fans questioned the whereabouts of Infinity Gilyard, the teenage girl Yandy became foster mother to when her husband was away.

Yandy Smith
(From left) Skylar Harris, Mendeecees Harris, Omere Harris and Yandy Smith-Harris. @mendeeceesharris/Instagram

Someone wrote, “Where the other daughter? School? Hope they were able to make it work with her.”

Other folks made reference to Yandy’s recent revelation on “LHHNY.” She revealed that in the state of New York a convicted felon can’t live in the same household as a foster child. Therefore, many fans believed she kicked Gilyard out of her home to allow Mendeecees to stay there.

“Where is her adopted daughter? I hope she doesnt get pushed aside now that hes home,” a fan commented.

Another person said, “So Yandy booted the little girl 😕”

Yandy caught wind of trolls’ remarks and fired back, “that’s funny? How do you think she’d feel reading you say this. Ofcourse it’s not true but how do you think it would make a CHILD feel?!!!! Kids should be off limits. Damn. It be your own kind.”

Yandy Smith
@yandysmith on @theshaderoom/Instagram

Several fans defended the publicist against naysayers.

“Don’t pay the haters any mind these folks are bitter @yandysmith”

“You have your husband back, you don’t need this negativety. Block them all”

Yandy Smith
Infinity Gilyard and Yandy Smith. (Photo: @fromyandytoinfinity/Instagram)

As of now, Mendeecees is living in a halfway house, and according to an Instagram Story uploaded to Yandy’s page on Tuesday, her foster daughter Gilyard seems to be still living at home.

Yandy took Gilyard in during 2018 after mentoring her for three years with nonprofit organization EGL Partners Uplifting our Daughters. In August 2018, Yandy went from mentor to foster mother after a New York judge granted her approval to start the process of fostering Gilyard.

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