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‘Who U Hollerin’ At?’: Ryan Henry and Miss Kitty Leave ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Confused After He Checks Her

It seems Miss Kitty is confused as to where she and Ryan Henry stand in their friendship, and so are “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers.

After a sex rumor surrounded the pair last season on the New York franchise, they’ve been adamant about “just being friends.” However, viewers think Henry and Kitty may be more involved with each other than they’re leading folks to believe.

Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry and Miss Kitty. (Photo: VH1 screen grabs)

In the Feb. 12 episode, Henry and Kitty attended Charmaine Walker‘s baby shower separately. While at the event, Kitty noticed Henry hadn’t spoken to her, although they’d noticed each other. Not to mention the 9MAG owner was seen talking to another woman at Walker’s baby shower, which seemingly evoked Kitty’s jealousy.

In the middle of the event, Kitty made her way over toward Henry to get a plate of food, and that’s when Henry finally said hello. When he asked why she didn’t speak to him earlier at the party, the brand ambassador told him that she wasn’t going to interrupt his conversations with the women he was talking to.

Henry apparently could tell Kitty was jealous and questioned why she was mad about him being at an event where his exes were. Kitty raised her voice and claimed she never questioned who he was involved with. Henry responded, “Who you hollering at?”

“Look I’m not the whole ra ra ra in your face type of womam. … I’m going to fall back. If you respect you and you respect me we should be all good,” Kitty replied.

Henry assured Kitty that he still “f–ked” with her, but she questioned in “what kind of way.” Although Henry didn’t give her a definitive answer, the pair quashed their beef and hugged it out.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers were confused about why Kitty was seemingly jealous of Henry talking to other women if they were just friends.

“So.. ummm … somebody fill me in.. wth are they supposed to be? Are they a couple 😰 ?”

“Wait what’s going on here?! Did I miss something. Why is Kitty acting jealous they just friends.”

“Oooo I like them together😍😍😍🔥. He checked the s–t outta her 🙌🏾 lol ‘who u hollin at?! 🤣”

“Ummmm so sis did u dick him or nah bcuz u had a fight bcuz u said u didn’t ???? Cut tha shit! Yall fucking or naw I’m confused 🙄”

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