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Moment of Truth: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans React After Miss Kitty Reveals to Ceaser What She Says Happened Between Her and Ryan Henry

It seems the cat is out of the bag, and “Black Ink Crew” star Miss Kitty asserted that she did not sleep with “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry.

A few episodes ago, human resources head Sky Days claimed Kitty slept with Henry. The rumor struck a nerve with “Black Ink” owner Ceaser Emanuel, who was once romantically involved with Kit, and eventually led to her termination.

The shop owner and Kitty dated off and on for years and, according to their co-star Donna Lombardi, the pair are still sexually involved. Their intimate relationship and Emanuel’s friendship with Henry could explain why the “Black Ink” owner was so distraught over Days’ claims.

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On Wednesday night’s episode, Emanuel and Kitty finally sat down and talked about her relationship with Henry. She claimed she and the 9MAG owner never slept together but they did take platonic photos while she was in New Orleans for the 2019 Essence Festival over the summer.

Emanuel didn’t believe Kit and felt she was lying, although she continued to deny sleeping with Henry.

“All I really want is the truth,” Emanuel said to Kitty. “I know you lying, stop playing with me.” He also said that one of her “close friends” told him that she and Henry did have sex, which Kit denied.

Miss Kitty
(From left) Miss Kitty, Ceaser Emanuel and Ryan Henry. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

Despite her seemingly telling him the truth, Emanuel still refused to talk to Kitty. “Black Ink” viewers sided with the brand ambassador and felt the tattoo shop boss was wrong for not believing Kit.

“I don’t think that Kitty slept with Ryan! Seems that Ceas have more feelings for Kitty than we thought! He also has trust issues! 🤷🏾‍♀️ “

“I really truly believe MS. KITTY DID NOT SLEEP WITH RYAN. He said so and so did she. Ceaser get out your feelings dog”

“The lame move Caesar did was not asking her and just jumping on the band wagon 🤦🏽‍♀️ . She’s def telling him the truth”

Earlier this month, Henry addressed the rumors surrounding him and Kitty, saying, “I ain’t hit nothing, man. Whatever they said I did, I ain’t did nothing. I ain’t did or said nothing. Ain’t nobody did nothing.”
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