‘LHHNY’ Yandy Smith Announces She’s Been Approved to Be a Foster Mother

Yandy Smith made boss moves in the courtroom and went from mentor to mom.

The “Love and Hip Hop” star took a young girl under her wings and opted to become the child’s foster mother. Smith announced heartwarming news on Saturday that a New York judge granted her approval to foster Infinity Gilyard.

Smith posted a video with Gilyard walking out of a family court and the young girl was overwhelmed with tears of joy. The mother of two and soon to be three captioned the photo, “Keep your head up! We got you from now til forever đź’ś @tooiinfinityandbeyond #itTakesAVillage #BiggestdecisionIevermade #prayforUs.”

Yandy Smith

(photo credit: Yandy’s Instagram)

The reality star was extremely emotional and said the “judge approved of everything.”

“So, um, Infinity can come back to my house. They said we can start the process for me becoming a foster mother,” said Smith.

A few years ago Smith mentored Gilyard with non-profit organization EGL Partners Uplifting our Daughters. The two have been almost inseparable ever since.

The young girl seemed to be excited about Smith becoming her new foster mom and wrote on her Instagram, “I swear there’s not a moment that I’m with Yandy Smith that I don’t laugh or cry. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. It don’t get any better than this. You’ve taught me so much in so little time & I can’t wait to be a mentor to other young ladies such as myself.”

Smith shared her story of becoming a foster parent on social media and said, ” I never know how God wants to use me. Every day I’m learning how to be a better me and this new chapter is going to take a lot of learning. I know there’s a process in everything…this has been an emotional one. I met @tooiinfinityandbeyond when she was in 7th grade speaking at her school, never thought 3 years later I would be in the process of becoming a foster mother to her.”

The reality star said she’s not “totally in the clear yet” but is “approved to start the process.”

Smith said her potential foster daughter wanted her to share the news with other mentors who are considering adoption.

“She wanted mentors out there to know the impact they could have in changing the trajectory of a child’s life. Cuz I promise her life will never be the same again!!!! @fromyandytoinfinity is my new journey please pray for me and if you have any advice I’m open to it all,” the now mother of three added.


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