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‘Home Girl Wants Ryan’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Accuse Jess of Beefing With Miss Kitty Over Ryan Henry

It seems everyone wants the smoke with Miss Kitty and a piece of Ryan Henry.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers seemed more than happy to have Kitty starring on the show, especially after her getting fired from the New York franchise. On the latest episode of the show, Kitty linked up with Charmaine Walker at her late mother’s funeral to show support.

The two ladies discussed rumors of her and Henry allegedly sleeping together and how the rumors led to Kitty’s termination from Black Ink. The former brand ambassador believed the hearsay was started because of “deflated egos, insecurities, a failed attempt at a come-up and humiliation.”

Walker then offered Kitty an opportunity to work at her shop 2nd City Ink, and her business partner Jess looked shocked. As Kitty told the pregnant bride-to-be she would consider the offer, Jess seemed quite upset.

“Nothing personal against Kitty, but what was her job at Black Ink,” Jess said in her confessional. “At 2nd City we’re not making up job titles, everyone’s got their role.”

Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty (left) and Jess (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

Many viewers were confused about why Jess disliked Kitty so much until the trailer for the Jan. 22 episode showed the tattoo artist trying to get flirty with Henry. Not only that, Jess continued to take more jabs at Miss Kitty. She even questioned what purpose the former brand ambassador had at Black Ink and why Walker would hire her.

Moments later, next Wednesday’s teaser cut to Jess trying to show Henry her breasts while drunk and Kitty giving her a glaring look.

Many “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers felt Jess began shading Kitty due to her and Henry’s alleged history with each other.

“Get off his d–k!! This is why Jess been talking bout Kitty in every episode home girl wants Ryan 😭”

“Jess wants Ryan and is jealous of Kitty. Lol I knew she wanted it. Lol typical Brit behaviour. Kitty be having her foot on their neck”

“Hating ass hoes! She jealous cause Ryan want Kitt, they cute together. Just her presence has this heffa shook!!! … but notice Kit giving her the eye like bihhh back up off my man!!! 😂 “

“Sis don’t like kitty bc Ryan likes kitty. We are too old to be being jealous sis. Eww 🗑  she clearly mad Ryan and kit got history”
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