‘Not Bussing a Grape’: Kimbella Responds After ‘LHHNY’ Teaser Shows Yandy Smith Running Up on Her

Just when “Love and Hip Hop: New York” viewers thought there was a chance of Kimbella Vanderhee mending her friendship with Yandy Smith-Harris, all chaos broke loose between the two.

On the midseason trailer for the Jan. 27 episode, Vanderhee and Smith-Harris nearly come to blows before they’re torn apart by security.

Yandy Smith
Kimbella Vanderhee (left) and Yandy Smith-Harris (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

The two women were already at odds this season after Vanderhee claimed her ex-bestie lied about how she would be there for her and the kids when her husband Juelz Santana was sent away to prison. Smith-Harris was also upset at Vanderhee because she apparently talked about her foster daughter. Last season, Vanderhee claimed that Smith-Harris was only using the teenager for clout.

The pair’s relationship took a turn for the worse this season when Vanderhee joined forces with one of Smith-Harris’ enemies, Chrissy Lampkin. Vanderhee and Lampkin’s attempted to mend the ladies’ friendship on the midseason trailer, but it apparently failed after Vanderhee yelled, “I don’t f–k with her, we not gon’ be friends.”

Smith-Harris is then seen throwing a drink at her former friend before charging at her and getting restrained by security.

Kimbella Vanderhee

On Tuesday, Vanderhee addressed her and Smith’s altercation via Instagram and wrote, “Editing is ALL LIES this season smh! Why you think security was there prior to her ‘launch at me?'”

Vanderhee continued to throw more verbal jabs at Smith-Harris, adding, “Relax Yandy not bussing a grape 💯”

Several “LHHNY” viewers had mixed reactions to the scene.

“@kimbellasworld needs her as beat she been trying to take Yandy down since last season every since she spoke on her daughter and @yandysmith got her shit with her. B–ch is a snake in the grass 🐍”

“Yandy a liar and Kim tired of her fake sh-t team @kimbellasworld whoop her Kimbella”

“Stop underestimating yandy she’s with the s–t 🗣 kimbella been trying her all last season and this season. Yandy need to beat that ass!”

“I love Kimbella. She stay calling her ass out….IN PERSON not fake like yandy”

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