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‘You Want the Smoke?’: Yandy Smith Blames Editing After ‘LHHNY’ Fans Say She Let Chrissy Lampkin Punk Her

The drama between Yandy Smith-Harris and Chrissy Lampkin continues.

On Monday night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: New York” Smith-Harris and Lampkin got into a heated argument after their mutual friend Kimbella Vanderhee claimed Smith-Harris was talking smack behind Lampkin’s back.

The whirlwind began with Lampkin’s home getting foreclosed in September due to her long-time fiancé Jim Jones defaulting on their loan and not making monthly mortgage payments. When the “LHHNY” crew caught wind of what was happening, Smith-Harris claimed the couple’s missed payments began when she stopped managing Jones’ career.

Chrissy Lampkin
(From left)) Chrissy Lampkin, Kimbella Vanderhee and Yandy Smith-Harris. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

Vanderhee, who’s Smith-Harris’ frenemy, went back and told Lampkin what her former bestie said, which caused a swirl of drama. Lampkin angrily confronted her fiancé’s former publicist about her comments, and Smith-Harris didn’t deny her statements.

“I’m not sitting and saying, ‘I wish that for them.’ I’m not a hater,” Smith-Harris told Lampkin. “All of this shouldn’t be going on.”

Clearly upset, Lampkin shot back, “What you wanna do Yandy, you want no smoke. Stop talking to me like that, you got me f–ked up. I will f–k you up in real life.”

Smith-Harris didn’t say much after her altercation with Lampkin on the show, and many viewers wondered why. One person even asked her why “she let Chrissy punky like that in front of billions of people.”

Smith-Harris blamed “LHHNY” producers and responded, “You know there’s editing right? And you know I have children right? Let me tell you one thing for sure and 2 things for certain. I’m NOT A PUNK…and secondly…THAT LADY KNOWS IM NOT! Bet that!”

Yandy Smith Harris

“LHHNY” viewers seemed to agree with the television personality and chimed in.

“I love Yandy! Chrissy was trynna show off 🤨 , girl have a seat . She always tryna start drama. Yandy is a boss”

“They be editing tf outta love and hip hop! Chrissy really Fishing for a Storyline 😩. Yandy ain’t never been no punk! She just knows how to handle herself without fighting smh.”

“Chrissy didn’t punk her and was just yelling lol and yandy wasn’t being shade so at the end the editing a situation creates us talking about it , views, and money in their bank 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

Lampkin, however, has yet to respond to Monday night’s intense episode with Smith-Harris.
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