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‘I Don’t Give a F–k’: ‘LHHNY’ Star Kimbella Confirms She’s Not Friends with Chrissy Lampkin After Squashing Their Beef

It looks like Kimbella Vanderhee isn’t mending her friendship anytime soon with “Love and Hip Hop: New York” costar Chrissy Lampkin.

During season 2 of the VH1 series, the two reality stars got into a violent physical altercation after Lampkin supposedly came to her friend Emily B.‘s defense at the time against Vanderhee. The then model claimed she’d slept with B’s boyfriend, rapper Fabolous which Lampkin took issue with. The situation ended with Lampkin punching, dragging and stumping Vanderhee as she tried to defend herself.

However, on the current and new season 10 of “LHHNY,” the two ladies manage to bury the hatchet between them and appear to be developing a bond on the show. But according to Vanderhee, she and Lampkin still aren’t friends despite ending their eight-year feud.

“That fight was a horrible, horrible, horrible ordeal that I had to go through,” Vanderhee told her former costar Rah Ali on her podcast OnSite  during an interview this week. “Even though you guys didn’t see a lot of the conversation Chrissy and I sat down and had, she actually told me that she had to go through some things as well because of that situation. It wasn’t the best light for her and it wasn’t the best light for me either.”

“That’s why Chrissy and I, we have an understanding. We are not friends,” she continued. “We have an understanding and we have a respect for each other right now. That’s all that matters. I don’t give a f–k what anybody thinks or says. We know what’s real. And what’s real is us sitting down as two grown a– women, face to face, and being able to do that is big for both of us. So for me, I can only respect and that’s where I stand with it.”

Kimbella Vanderhee
(L) Chrissy Lampkin and Kimbella Vanderhee @vh1 screehshots

Vanderhee, however, confirmed that she and Yandy Smith-Harris are no longer friends due to their multiple disagreements.

Despite Vanderhee and Lampkin’s squabble with each other, “LHHNY” viewers were happy to see the two castmates come together this season and squash their beef.

“I’m so happy Chrissy and Kimbella deaded their beef s–t was old,” a viewer tweeted. “I hope they don’t try to gang up on Yan tho.”

“It’s good to see grown women put they issues behind them,” another added. I hope they keep it like that.”

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