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‘You Played Yourself’: Apryl Jones Seemingly Unfazed by Alleged Split From Lil Fizz, Fans Show No Mercy

Omarion’s ex-girlfriend and mother of the his two children, Apryl Jones, and B2K group member Dreux “Lil Fizz” Frederic seem to have found love in a hopeless place.

The problematic duo tried to play coy on social media during the spring of 2019, but by the summer it was confirmed that love was in full bloom. However, not even a year in and it seems the two are on the outs, and Jones is anything but bothered.

Apryl Jones
Apryl Jones posts flirty and cute photo following alleged split from B2K group member Lil’ Fizz. (Photo: @apryljones/Instagram)

Jones dressed in a fitted black outfit and made it a point to show off just how unbothered she is in a video posted to Instagram, where she is seen dancing to music and gazing into a mirror.

Fans who were outraged by the relationship saw it as a stab in the back to Omarion, who stayed relatively mum on the matter. While the problematic love connection played out on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” fans consistently provided backlash while Jones and Fizz tried to prove that their relationship was real and not just an opportunity to garner screen time and collect a check.

When fans caught wind of Jones’ video and realized the two lovers were no longer following each other on Instagram, they had everything they needed to conclude that the relationship was over.

“Looks like fizz trying to get back on tour,” commented one fan. To make the message clearer, Jones also deleted every photo of her with Fizz from social media. However, the 34-year-old heartthrob still has an Oct. 26 photo of the duo posted to his Instagram page, one captioned “Good things come to those who wait.”

“They say you lose them how u got them”

“You played yourself!!”

Although most are not surprised by the alleged breakup, they do have a mouthful to say about the 32-year-old L.A. native trying to make it seem as though all is well.

“Nah she give AF but WE don’t because if she really didn’t she wouldn’t be putting in so much work trying to prove she don’t”

“It was for tv ppl they got they bag”

Whether this duo will reconcile or wage war against each other is unknown, but fans are likely expecting the story to play out on the next season of “LHHH.”

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