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‘He Had a Hell of an Opportunity’: Jim Jones Explains How Jadakiss Failed to Capitalize on the Success of The Lox-Dipset ‘Verzuz’ Battle

Rapper Jim Jones recently shared his thoughts on the infamous “Verzuz” battle between two of the most notorious hip-hop groups, The Lox and Dipset.

It’s been two years since The Lox and members of The Diplomats battled it out on stage, but their iconic performance is one that many will never forget. Fans called it one of the greatest moments in hip-hop history and deemed The Lox as the winners.

Fat Joe was so impressed that he shared his viral “rap up” of the “Verzuz” match on Instagram. He gave fans a play-by-play of what went down during the event held at Madison Square Garden in New York City on April 3, 2021, where he unleashed the memorable line, “Yesterday’s price is not today’s price.”

But according to Jones, Jadakiss failed to capitalize from the success of their legendary night.

Jadakiss of The Lox and Jim Jones of Dipset perform onstage during Verzuz: The Lox Vs Dipset at Madison Square Garden on August 03, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

During an interview with, The Diplomats rapper said he thought there should be a rematch, partly due to the small size of the venue, before noting that “The Last Kiss” rapper should have dropped new music following the victory.

“Kiss reaped a lot of benefits from the ‘Verzuz,’ man,” said Jones. “I mean, we all do things different and s—t like that, but he had a hell of an opportunity to do a lot. I wish that he would have dropped a project at that time because it wouldn’t even matter what he would have put out in that window of time that he had.

“He coulda just took eight records he had in the stash and just put them b—s out…that b—h was going platinum. Ya heard?” said Jim.

The “We Fly High” artist said that as a fan, he would have liked for Jadakiss to have dropped an album or song immediately after the “Verzuz” battle.

“That was one thing I wish he would’ve did as me being a fan and me being a n—a in the industry,” he said. “Like, ‘Yo, man, it’s a moment, he’s supposed to go. Next day, single out, everything. Like n—a I’m in the studio right now with Swizz tonight!’”

Jones described their match as the “championship basketball game for hip-hop.” However, he’s down for a rematch with actual judges, saying, “That s—t would break the city right now.”

Since the 2021 battle, Jones has continued to release new music, performed at shows, and even landed a gig as host of Revolt TV’s “Drip Report.” On the weekly show, the self-proclaimed “weavahman” gives updates about the weather and the latest hip-hop news.

Jadakiss hasn’t released an album since his 2020 project, “Ignatius.” But as Fat Joe said, his price “went up” after the “Verzuz” battle with Dipset.

“My numbers went up for hostings and walkthroughs, for shows, and TV cameos,” he told Complex last year. “Just in general, my numbers went up. It also showed Def Jam that they got to do the right thing…restructure my contract. It really showed the world my true worth, what I can do.”

The “We Gon’ Make It” rapper was asked if he would do a rematch between The Lox and Dipset during an interview with VIBE magazine last month.

“You gotta talk to my advisers,” he laughed. “I would love to run it back, you know what I mean? Why not? For sure.”

Fans responded to Jones’ comments on social media, and some agreed with the 46-year-old, while others firmly disagreed with his assessment of Jadakiss’ success.

“He basically did go platinum cuz hella people went back to his older work,” noted one.

“After Verzuz, Jadakiss continued working and he also got together with Cam’ron and Mase to release ‘Gorilla Lion Hyena’.”

“bro let it go kiss had the biggest year last year out of every rapper,” noted one fan. “you’re delusional homie.”

“Jim Jones never know what he talking about,” replied another fan.

Fans are patiently awaiting for Swizz Beatz and Timbaland to announce the next “Verzuz” battle after the eventful match between Ray J, Bobby V, Pleasure P, and Sammie in August 2022.  

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