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‘He Weak as Hell’: ‘LHHH’ Fans Clown A1 Bentley for Swinging on Misster Ray in Explosive Confrontation

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star A1 Bentley is receiving major backlash for physically assaulting his co-star Misster Ray.

On this week’s episode of “LHHH” things got heated after one of the cast co-stars, Zell Swag, accused Ray of spreading rumors about Bentley, his wife Lyrica Anderson and their 11-month-old son Ocean Bentley. Ray apparently went around telling his cast mates that A1 wasn’t the infant’s biological father.

Ray’s allegations were a sore spot for Anderson and Bentley, especially after the “Adia” singer was accused of cheating on her husband with “Love and Hip Hop” star Safaree Samuels. At the time of the alleged affair, several social media users assumed Samuels was the father of Anderson’s baby and not A1.

A1 Bentley
Misster Ray (left) and A1 Bentley (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

Ray defended himself against Anderson and Bentley’s wrath and claimed he only repeated to their cast mates the rumors he read online. However, things took a drastic turn when A1 asked Ray what “consequences” he should face for him gossiping about A1’s family. Out of nowhere, the music producer slapped Ray in the face before being restrained by security.

The social media influencer stared at A1 in disbelief and said A1 sucker punching him was a b–ch move.

“Really Floyd? What kind of b–ch stuff is that?” Ray said in his confessional.

“LHHH” viewers clearly agreed with the star and slammed A1’s behavior.

” Idc he weak as hell for that! A1 know dam well he won’t smack or punch 👊🏼 a straight nigga like this! Why he aint have that energy for Safaree last year ? 🤔 when he supposedly f–ked Lyrica smh”

“A1 gets no points for that u keep swinging on a gay man 🤡 where was all this energy last season????? He doesn’t have the heart to jump at a straight man ,that is so wak swinging on Misster Ray. It’s like swinging at a female.”

“B–ch move, you gon slap someone who you know not gonna fight back. A1 just confirmed that he’s a b–ch and a p—y, but we been knew that tho look how he dress. That’s BS 😒 “

A1 Bentley
(From left) Misster Ray, Apple Watts, and A1 Bentley. (Photo: VH1 screen grab)

Later on within the episode, A1 eventually apologized to Misster Ray for assaulting him.

“I really apologize, that s–t will never happen again,” said A1. “If I feel any way I’m going to reach out to you.”

He also addressed his and Anderson’s marital woes and went on to say, “Everybody can speculate on what they think they know, but at the end of the day we’re trying to fix our marriage.”

Ray accepted his “friend’s” apology, but not before throwing a drink on him first. The two willingly hugged out their differences and called it a truce.

Check out the explosive episode below:

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