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The Reason Why Fans Think Safaree Is the Father of Lyrica Anderson’s Unborn Child Will Have You Wondering

Lyrica Anderson recently confessed that nothing sexual happened between she and Safaree Samuels, but fans aren’t buying it.

During a new episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” Anderson asked her husband A1 Bentley to return home and discussed their marital affairs. Bentley moved out of their house after the couple had a huge blowup about Anderson allegedly cheating with Samuels.

Lyrica Anderson

(L; Lyrica’s Instagram/ R; Safaree’s Instagram)

Bentley and Anderson discussed the cheating rumors and said she never slept with Samuels. The couple reconciled and spoke about moving forward in their marriage. The “Adia” singer then announced to her husband she was with child and handed him the positive pregnancy test.

Despite Anderson revealing that she never crossed the line with Samuels, viewers still wondered if the New York rapper could possibly be the father of the singer’s baby.

One “LHH” viewer commented, “Are you pregnant by Safaree all of a sudden your pregnant you and A1 been having sex forever but one romp with Safaree 👁🧐.”

Another person wrote, “Safaree had the highest speed count!!! When all three of the boys went that day. Now she all of a sudden“ 🤰🏽 “. After they been having sex and ain’t had no baby ???. A1 really soft for getting back cool w/her that fast this s*** ain’t ova. That’s safaree Jr. 👶🏽.”

“Watch it ends up being safaree baby 😅.”

“Mini safaree !! thats cute as hell.”

An Instagram user said, “That’s not his baby it’s safree baby remember he had the highest sperm cells y’all last season.”

A source confirmed with the Jasmine Brand that Anderson is indeed pregnant and that Bentley is the father.

“She’s not far along, but she is showing,” said the source. Whatever Lyrica did with Safaree was when she and A1 broke up. She didn’t cheat on her husband.”

Samuels seemingly admitted to crossing the line with Anderson, but the 29-year-old denied they had sex.

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