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‘I Was Eating a Piece of Chicken’: ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Shekinah Blindsided By Lyrica Anderson’s Sucker Punch For Talking About Her Son and Mother

Lyrica Anderson and Shekinah Anderson almost came to blows on the latest episode of VH1’s “Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop” edition that aired on Jan. 23. The current season was taped in Spice’s home country of Jamaica, but her friends brought all the heat and more.

In line with the show’s weekly theme-focused episodes, the cast was enjoying a ’90s-themed prom night hosted by romantic duo Jenn and Phresher until hands were thrown. At one point, Lyrica got up from her seat to get a drink with Mariah Lynn, but she immediately changed directions and approached her castmate. She attacked Shekinah for commenting on her mom, singer Lyrica Garrett, and her 4-year-old son, Ocean.

“I just want to tell you don’t talk about my son,” she said before hitting Shekinah, who was sitting out of the camera’s view. “Or my motherf—— mother.”

Fans can see Lyrica pull her hand back in a punching motion before hearing a loud slapping sound. She then walked around the round chair Shekinah was sitting in and attempted to grab her from behind. As a result of her actions, Lyrica was sent home.

Lyrica Anderson (L) and Shekinah Jo Anderson (R) (Photo: @lyricaanderson/Instagram, @thatshekinah/Instagram.)

Shekinah openly admitted that she is not a fighter and expressed during her confessional that she was caught off guard.

“I cannot believe that this b—- just hit me while I was eating a piece of chicken,” she said. “I mean, girl, you got me f—– up. You got me fighting at prom night. Now my titties all out. I don’t do this. I’m trying to be a professional business woman.”

Security eventually broke up the fight, which was a buzz kill for the entire cast, who were instructed to leave the party by producers. For many, Lyrica and Shekinah’s fight was completely unexpected, but fans on social media admit they saw this coming.

Earlier in the episode, Shekinah repeatedly gave Lyrica dirty looks and took issue with Spice for asking Lyrica to be her date to prom night.

One person tweeted, “Shekinah unfortunately has been talking about people and in everyone else’s business way too much to be playing victim… I’m not surprised it happened, just surprised it wasn’t a harder hit tbh.”

A second individual said, “Lyrica shouldn’t’ have been that bothered by Shekinah’s’ words, but also, Shekinah needs to stop being allowed to say whatever without any consequences. Shekinah is a bully but calls it “being real.”

The tension has been brewing between the two reality stars since season three of VH1’s “Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hip” began airing last November. On day four of the unfriendly family series, Lyrica walked over to where Shekinah was sitting to shake her hand, but she refused.

In the Jan. 16 episode, Shekinah said that Lyrica slid in her DMs on Instagram years ago, asking to promote her music, and then unfollowed her. She alleges a girlfriend from Los Angeles called her later, saying, “Watch your back of Lyrica. She does not want you around because you’re bad for her brand.”

“So when she walked up to me, I felt like it was so f—– fake,” Shekinah said during a confessional. “You don’t want me to mess up your career but yet you want me to shake your hand.”

However, Lyrica denied ever following Shekinah on Instagram or knowing who she was. When the two attempted to hash things out, the “Plot Twist” singer felt like Shekinah was “throwing shade.”

Spice and Alexis Skyy tried to interject and ease the tension, but an argument escalated, and the group dispersed. Later while prepping for the prom event, Sukiana stepped up as the peacemaker and failed at helping the two women see eye to eye.

“You see her…the look on this lil’ b—- face,” said Lyrica, which prompted Shekinah to jump out of her seat, yelling, “Your mother is a one-hit-wonder b—-.” She added, “Her mother is a one-hit-wonder. Who the f—is she?”

In an earlier episode, Shekinah exchanged words with Chrissy Lampkin after asking her if Teiarra Mari had paid 50 Cent the money she owed him. During their argument, Lyrica called Shekinah “loud and annoying,” which led to another argument where security intervened between the two.

“And who asked “you?” Shekinah said to Lyrica, who replied, “I asked me.”

Shekinah clapped back again, taking a jab at the parent, telling her, “You ain’t got no business talking to me. Go be a mother!” 

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