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‘I Tried to Kill You’: K. Michelle and Lyrica Anderson Allegedly Fight on Set of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

It appears fuel has been added to the fire started years ago between K. Michelle and her former friend and “Love and Hip Hop” co-star Lyrica Anderson.

Michelle fired off a few tweets Tuesday night hinting that she will be appearing on a new season of a “ratchet reality show” that has got her “living N a house with a bunch of random people.” Without saying the name of the reality show, Michelle did reveal to her followers that she “acted fool” on the series.

Lyrica Anderson (left) takes shots at K. Michelle (right) on social media. (Photos: @lyricaanderson/Instagram, @kmichellemusic/Instagram)

She soon made another post about the show and her short time there. She said, “The biggest check ever cut on this particular show for 14days. HONESTLY. But it wasn’t worth my peace. I don’t like untamed humans and I need to stay away from people who NEED the money and attention.”

While followers were trying to decipher the “Can’t Raise a Man” singer’s tweets and figure out which show she is talking about, Anderson responded by taking shots at Michelle and hinting that she too will be on the show with Michelle. She appeared under The Neighborhood Talk’s post, which contained screenshots of Michelle’s post, and made claims that she and Michelle got into a fight.

“Is this supposed to be promo,” she wrote. She continued bashing Michelle while also echoing Michelle’s sentiments that the show was beneath her despite taking part in it.

“K stop !!!! I tried to kill you cause your mouth is all bark and you hid by security like the coward you are !!!! Me doing this show was low of me especially cause you always gotta act a ghetto fool ! But the check was nice … moving on.”

Lyrica Anderson takes shots at K. Michelle. (Photo: @theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram)

In the comments, fans suspected that the two had to be on one of the two shows “Celebrity Big Brother” or “Marriage Boot Camp.” “Celebrity Big Brother” will not air until February on CBS, while “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” premieres this Thursday, Oct. 7. Although neither has confirmed the show they are referring to, it was reported by the JasmineBrand in May that Lyrica and A1 Bentley will be in the upcoming season of “Marriage Boot Camp”

Michelle and Anderson were once friends, but their friendship soured after Michelle and Anderson’s discussion about a concert they performed at in 2017 got heated. The 2018 fallout was captured on “Love and Hip Hop,” and Michelle called Anderson “spoiled” after she arrived an hour late to a show she opened for Michelle.

Anderson got “offended” and left the room but eventually came back. The two began using mics to take shots at each other about each other’s appearance, health, and Michelle even commented on Anderson’s troublesome marriage to A1 Bentley. Just as it was about to get physical, Anderson was escorted out of the room.

The two have not reconciled since then, and it seems it will all play out on the still-to-be-named reality show soon.

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