‘LHHH’ Lyrica Anderson’s Marriage In Shambles After She’s Accused of Cheating with Safaree

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” couple Lyrica Anderson and A1‘s marriage have been in shambles this season after a rumor spread that she had sex with rapper Safaree.

During the previous episode, Anderson and K. Michelle engulfed into a heated exchange and nearly came to blows. In the midst of the two arguing the “Can’t Raise a Man” singer dropped a bomb on her former friend and accused her of trying to sleep with Safaree.

The music producer caught wind of the rumor about his wife and best friend fooling around. He confronted his wife and the situation went completely left. Anderson admitted to texting Safaree because of business affairs but denied the cheating allegations. A1 asked to see Anderson’s phone to check the text messages between the two, and all of the texts had been deleted. The music executive accused his wife of lying and it ended up with her slapping a glass of wine off the table and storming out of the restaurant.

“LHHH” producers and the film crew chased after the “Selfish” singer and convinced her to walk back into the restaurant and finish the conversation with A1. However, fans were shocked by Anderson’s outrageous behavior and accused her of being guilty.

One fan wrote, “’m more shocked at her reaction she’s angry af which definitely makes her look guilty.”

Another said, “Lyrica look guilty asf if she didnt do it she shoulda laughed it off like A1 said smh.”

“GUILTY as CHARGED she wouldn’t go that hard if she didn’t cross the line. Even if it wasn’t sex she did something a married woman shouldn’t. IJS,” one fan wrote.

One person said, “Lyrica’s tantrum makes me believe something actually happened between her and Safaree 🤔.”

In February, sources reported that the couple separated in February due to A1’s alleged infidelity. The pair has also deleted all photos of each other on their social media pages.


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