‘Separation is Not Easy’: Marjorie Harvey Spotted Without Wedding Ring On Vacation Reignites Talk of Divorce

Are Steve and Marjorie Harvey heading for Splitsville?

Fans are wondering if that’s so after Marjorie’s pic from her trip to the Trona Pinnacles was recently derailed when her Instagram followers noticed her wedding ring was conspicuously absent.

marjorie harvey
Deborah Martin (left) and Marjorie Harvey (right). (Photo: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram)

Marjorie shared several photos of a road trip with her pal Deborah Martin to the social media platform on Sept. 25.

“Took a little road trip with my girlfriend to see the Pinnacles. Underwater 100,000 years ago…… but now exposed …. the amazing Trona Pinnacles,” Marjorie captioned the series of pics she snapped of the tufa spires located in the California Desert National Conservation Area.

But one image, in particular, caught fans’ attention as Marjorie’s left ring finger was bare.

“Seperation is not easy!!! I’m praying for you guys.. Pls don’t @ me. I said what I said😮”


“Sweetmeat running away again wow🤔!”

“Mother of 7 but no career, married a SIMP after dating drug dealers and gangsters! Told him he has to have money before marrying you while you put nothing on the table..Now doesnt wear a wedding ring, surely he isint in control..i bet she will keep the name too for statis like eddie murphy ex wife”

Still, one fan stepped in to effectively tell the detractors to cool it.

“Leave mrs Harvey alone ain’t nobody trying to get they ish stolen keep guessing I would never show it.”

Additionally, things seem to be fine between the couple as Steve liked the post.

Yet the Harveys have faced plenty of divorce rumors in the last two years. The couple was hit with a report from Radar Online in July 2018 that alleged Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner was getting too close to the former “Steve” host.

“There was a huge blowout fight and Marjorie walked out threatening divorce,” an insider told the gossip site at the time, claiming a $400 million divorce was coming down the pipeline. “There’s no way she was going to put up with Steve hanging around a man-eater like Kris — especially since he’s proven time and again he can’t be trusted.”

Then in May, the couple was faced with another round of divorce rumors. This time, Radar reported Steve was looking to list the couple’s property in Texas and put another Texas property of the spouses’ in his name, despite him needing to get her consent.

Through it all, however, the Harveys have continued to put up a united front with their couples and family excursions. Recently, while Steve promoted “Family Feud” in South Africa, he credited his first two divorces for leading him to Marjorie.

“You’ve got to get a divorce to find the right chick. I know a little bit about that,” he said.

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