‘Don’t Look Like They’re Getting a Divorce to Me’: Steve Harvey’s New Video with Wife Marjorie Has Fans Questioning Rumor

It’s been awhile since fans have seen Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie Harvey together, but a new video indicates the couple is doing just fine despite a report that they’re heading for divorce.

Marjorie uploaded a clip to her Instagram page Wednesday showing her husband of 11 years giving her a smooch after she pulled up in a red sports car with the top down, her dog Bear riding passenger-side.

“Steve was so confused with Bear riding shotgun with Mom today 😂,” Marjorie captioned the post.

The clip dropped the same day that Radar Online published a report claiming the “Steve” host is prepping for divorce by selling off four of his properties in Texas, two of which allegedly sold for around $2 million. Citing a unnamed so-called source, the outlet claimed Steve has also transferred ownership of another property in the state from his and Marjorie’s name to just his own. It’s not clear how such a transfer would take place without the consent of both owners.

Allegedly, Marjorie walked out on her husband amid talk that his $200 million empire is crumbling. Marjorie is said to have jetted off with daughter Lori Harvey, who is Steve’s stepdaughter, and gone on a trip for a month, hitting such destinations as Japan, Vietnam, the Maldives, Tanzania and Russia.

“Marjorie would never allow herself to be pushed around. Money talks and her man had better provide. And when the money’s gone — she’s gone, too!” the outlet claimed its insider blabbed.

Still, the affectionate moment between the Harveys was enough to convince fans there was no impending split.

“Don’t look like they getting a divorce to me… 🤔”

“Man those divorce rumors can’t be true.”

“What divorce they seem to be happy to me..”

However, the Harveys have faced divorce rumors before. In July 2018, Radar reported the talk show host’s wandering eye was about to lead Marjorie to file for a $400 million divorce from him. The gossip site claimed Kris Jenner was getting close to Harvey through closed-door meetings and text exchanges.

“There was a huge blowout fight and Marjorie walked out threatening divorce,” another unnamed source supposedly divulged last year. “There’s no way she was going to put up with Steve hanging around a man-eater like Kris — especially since he’s proven time and again he can’t be trusted.”

Still, Steve slammed those rumors by sharing a photo of the couple preparing to take off for what would be a lengthy trip to locations such as Italy and France last summer.

More recently, Harvey addressed the $400 million split directly while speaking to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in October 2018.

“My wife came to me and said, ‘Do we have $400 million?’” he said. “Nah. Not yet.”

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