Soulja Boy Released From Jail Early and Fans Beg Him To Keep Out of Trouble: ‘You’re Too Smart For That’

Soulja Boy is now a free man after he was sentenced to 240 days in late April for probation violation. In February of this year, his home in California’s San Fernando Valley was searched after a woman claimed he kidnapped her.

The investigation surrounding the kidnapping claims were eventually dropped, but during the search police found ammunition in the home. Plus, once arrested, Soulja was accused of falsifying the amount of community hours he completed, which the judge slammed him for.

According to reports, the 28-year-old was released from the Van Nuys jail on Sunday morning at 1:57 a.m. PDT, 146 days early, because of good behavior, time already served and overcrowding.

Soulja’s probation stems from 2014 when police found a loaded gun inside his vehicle. Then in 2016 he was caught with another firearm and later given five more years probation.

Surprisingly, the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper hasn’t taken to social media and talked about being released on Sunday, because he’s been known to give updates on his legal woes.

But that hasn’t kept Souja’s fans from celebrating his release, and they did so under his last Instagram post, which was June 18. They also seemed eager for him to reclaim his position in the rap game.

“WELCOME HOME DRAKO TIME TO RUN IT BACK UP!” someone wrote using the rapper’s nickname.

“Blessing I am so happy you are home 🙏,” another person let him know.

Others, meanwhile, told the “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” creator to avoid trouble and stay focused on his career. They also advised him to keep away from any drama that comes his way.

“GLAD TO HEAR YOURE FREE!,” one person wrote. “Stay out, stay focused and don’t entertain the 🎪 you’re too smart for that.”

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